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271 W Hancock Ave
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Booger Hill


Booger Hill

Shannon Vinson

Barrel-aged Biere de Garde made with local honey

Brewer Notes:

This beer was fermented in barrels starting Dec. ’14 using honey from Booger Hill Bee Company. After 14 months of aging in wood, the beer was bottled in March of 2016, and then disgorged in September of 2017 - a technique commonly used when making sparkling wine.

The beer is bottle conditioned and sediment should be reserved when pouring. Also, it is to be advised to people to open the beer fully refrigerated as it is a lively bottle even though it has been disgorged. 

The Take Away:

While most modern Biere de Garde’s use a single saccharomyces fermentation in a stronger, malt-forward farmhouse ale style, Booger Hill (7.8%) looks to historical text for inspiration. It is a beer that is truly been “garde”-d, as Biere de Garde literally translates to “beer for storage”, at cool temperature and for an extended period of time in wooden casks with our house culture. The time and mixed culture fermentation has yielded a beer with malt forward flavors of almond, honey, and cherry with a compliment of acidity. There’s a delicate fruity note towards the end of the flavor from the use of motueka hops and then the beer finishes supremely dry and clean. 

“A tremendous amount of time and work went into this beer,” says our Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager, Blake Tyers. “Each step along the way was challenging, a lot of labor, and a bit of loss too - making the finished product really special.”

Booger Hill is the second release from our Locally Grown Series. This series is meant to be a platform to showcase local ingredients sourced from farms in and surrounding our home of Athens, GA. DaySpring, a grisette, was the first release from the series and featured wheat from DaySpring Farms in Danielsville. 

Athens illustrator and CCBC staff member Melissa Merrill, who has now designed several labels for us at the brewery, created the artwork for Booger Hill. Merrill painted the original artwork with a Booger Hill honey reduction and pollen from hop flowers. 

For full details from our cellar, check the video below!