271 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, Georgia — 30601




271 W Hancock Ave
Athens, GA, 30601

Brewery Hours: 

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 5-10pm  
Friday: 3-10pm
Saturday: 1-10pm
Sunday: 1-6pm

Tour De Athens - Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

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Tour De Athens - Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

Chris Herron

By Desiree Sullivan  (Eptingeventsblog)

Creativity often sparks the grandest ideas of all. Take Thomas Edison for example, some people called him crazy, but he crafted an ingenious invention that will forever be useful, the light bulb. Creature Comforts Brewing Company believes in just that, creative innovation. The brewery lives by a motto that is fit for Edison himself: “Creature Comforts is driven by the promise that a curious mind leads to better living.” So in other words, they wholeheartedly live, breath and crave curiosity.

Creature Comforts is Athens newest brewery and we just knew we needed to blog about them after providing decor and draping for a recent photo shoot at Creature Comforts withLauren Carnes Photography and Chancey Charm.

Inspired by the Classic City itself, a group of friends set out to construct a brewing company that brewed the finest sip of craft beer that the Southeast has ever tasted. The first ingredient to the dynamic group who founded Creature Comforts is David Stein. He had developed a love for craft beer while working at multiple well-known craft establishments and had been concocting some of his own brews at home that he was calling, of course, Creature Comforts. Adam Beauchamp, a friend of David’s, is another important ingredient. With his experience at Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta and practice with home brewing, Adam was the perfect fit to run the production side of their company. The final ingredient of the team needed to be someone who could handle the business side of the project, this is where Chris Herron, the CEO of Creature Comforts, comes in. With his experience in sales, finance, and alcohol suppliers, he seemed like a good fit. But it was his love of craft beer and dream to start a brewery in Georgia, that made him a perfect fit. Katie Beauchamp, the office manager and Blake Tyers, a brewer and what the team calls their “fountain of creativity,” round out the Creature Comforts family. It is the combination of these unique ingredients that sparked the light bulb of creativity that is Creature Comforts.

Creature Comforts brews their beer in a historic warehouse that was once a Chevy Dealership in the 1940’s and most recently the building housed a Snow Tire Co. The architecture alone is one of the most interesting parts of the brewery. When driving down the street of the brewery you will notice that the Creature Comforts building, Cine and the Athens Biotest Plasma center all have the same structured facade. Keeping true to the building’s origin, the brewery left the Snow Tire Co. sign in its original place to preserve the historic nature of the venue.

Once inside the brewery you will notice that the ceiling is completely open to a beautiful rustic, vaulted ceiling that exposes structural beams. The beams were once covered by wooden planks, however the team was able to repurpose the ceiling wood and reconstruct them into table tops and bar tops.The reclaimed wood was given a whitewash to provide an elegant backsplash to the rustic finishes, brushed concrete flooring, stainless steel and copper accents, and Edison lightbulbs scattered around the venue to ultimately create an industrialized chic look that we absolutely love! As a result, the brewery has won an outstanding rehabilitation award, granted by the Athens Heritage Foundation. The venue in itself is rustic chic and the perfect space to host any upcoming parties, events or simply to have an afternoon brew to help spark your next grand idea.

Now comes the good part, the beer. Creature Comforts’ brewing process is broken down to a science, literally! They even call their tasting room the beer lab. They have four signature beers that are on tap year round: Reko Reclaimed Rye, Bibo, Tropicalia, Reclaimed Rye and Athena. These crisp, freshly brewed craft beers are the heart, soul and inspiration behind the entire operation. The Creature Comfort signature beers can also be requested at local restaurants around the Athens community. Creature Comforts has recently begun offering specialty craft beers along with their regularly featured taps. For example, Reko Reclaimed Rye is an evolution of their rye amber. They’ve added one of our favorite ingredients, Ethiopian Coffee from 1000 Faces, to create an entirely new taste for all to enjoy. Often times all you need is a splash of creativity and splash of coffee to concoct an entirely new (and yummy!) drink for all to enjoy!


The Epting Events family could not be more excited for the Creature Comforts family as they continue to embark on their exciting journey of becoming a top craft beer hub of the South. And of course we are beyond excited to drink their amazingly delicious beer (the Reko Reclaimed Rye is one of our new favorites)! Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea, like a light bulb, to launch a revolutionary movement that has the momentum to take over the world. While we do value all the practical uses that the Thomas Edison’s light bulb provides, we are not ashamed to say that the Creature Comforts beer revolution is a little bit more satisfying to our taste buds.