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271 W Hancock Ave
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Quality Sales Specialist (Atlanta)


Quality Sales Specialist (Atlanta)

Shannon Vinson

The Quality Sales Specialist is a sales focused role centered around developing and assuring the quality of the Creature Comforts brand, as it extends to people, products, and promotions. Specialists will work within a specified universe of key accounts in the market in tandem with a single distributor. The Quality Sales Specialist position is incredibly important as they are the front line to retail, wholesalers, and consumers.  They are focused on quality assurance, living the brand, connectivity to the community, and are tirelessly focused on what it takes to ensure that Creature Comforts reflects quality in all that we do. 

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Focus on Quality
•    Quality must be at the heart of everything we do as we to protect our brewer’s intent. 
•    Understand that quality is our #1 sales driver in building our brand today, tomorrow and the for the future. 
•    We are a PULL THRU brewery focused on authentic growth driven by the quality of people’s interaction with our brand, the quality of the products we produce, and the quality of the promotions we create to bring our brand to life, or Q3P. 

Bring to life Q3P; Quality People, Quality Products, and Quality Promotions

Quality People
•    Manage relationships with key folks within The Target Market Account universe as well as the general market where it matters most to build the Creature Comforts brand. 
•    Be thoroughly acquainted with every key decision maker or decision influencer in the account universe and maximize relationships in order to ensure Creature Comforts maintains the highest level of quality at retail. 
•    Develop quality relationships with key people at the distributor level including On/Off Premise stakeholders, Chain Managers, Craft Managers, Draft Managers, etc.
•    Perform weekly distributor work-withs, staff training, and merchandize accounts according to Creature Comforts standards. 
•    Visit approximately 10 accounts a day and have a strong presence late in the day into the night while maintaining personal balance.
•    Develop an understanding for how the following get done: POS orders, pulling and invoicing of samples, and scheduling work-withs. 
•    Pursue the development of industry respect at all levels of retail and wholesale through passion, execution, strong follow-through, communication, accountability and dependability. 

Quality Products
•    Understand that protecting our brewer’s intent is a primary goal to ensure our customers experience the best beer possible, to the sensory standards set by our Quality Team. 
•    Be able to taste and assess the quality of the beer. 
•    Must be able to understand and tirelessly apply our quality objectives at both channels of business, On Premise (focusing on rotated product, served through clean lines in beer clean glassware) and Off Premise (merchandising, rotating product, ensuring placement, freshness and visibility).

Quality Promotions
•    Be able to understand and live the Creature Comforts brand
•    Know how to develop and manage promotions that are true to brand
•    Be a key stakeholder throughout the entire process of bringing an event to life including planning, managing point of sale, communication to teams internally as well as with retailers and distributors, execution and follow-up. 

Desired Skills/Experience (but not limited to): 
•    Genuine desire to work at Creature Comforts Brewing Company
•    Thinks opportunistically
•    Passion, integrity, work ethic, highly motivated, a self-starter, and a genuine sense of pride.
•    Strong knowledge of the craft brewing industry. 
•    Strong organizational skills and the ability to work alone. 
•    Strong knowledge of our company, history, and it’s product offerings.
•    Strong communication skills and the ability to learn and master the selling skills process
•    Basic computer competence in Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook. 
•    Administrative--ability to complete company’s minimal administration requirements on time regularly such as expense reports, weekly recaps, monthly recaps, monthly calendar, budget management, and daily e-mail
•    Retail On or Off experience is preferred but not mandatory. 
•    Budget management and financial accountability. 
•    Must possess a clean driving record as a MVR will be pulled upon hiring verification.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position to Creature Comforts Brewing Co. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Diverse candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. While we sincerely appreciate all applications, but only those candidates selected for interview may be contacted. Please apply by January 26th, 2018 to be considered. 

Creature Comforts Brewing Company is dedicated to build an industry respected craft brewery that inspires people to pursue their passions. We encourage people to crave curiosity, believe that being curious leads people to uncover their passion, and that pursuit of that passion leads to happiness and the ability to enjoy the Creature Comforts of life. Our coworkers enjoy a casual work environment, opportunities for development, and a real opportunity to make a difference within our company.