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CCBC Gallery: Hannah James

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CCBC Gallery: Hannah James

CCBC Gallery Featured Artist
Hannah James
On view July 10-July 30

“There is pattern everywhere we look. All it takes is to catch it when we see it, and something beautiful can be created. Pattern can be derived from anything we encounter in daily life, like the veins of a magnolia leaf or a flock of sparrows making patterns in the sky. Our job is just to notice it when it's right in front of us.” –HJ

Hannah James’ collection of handmade textiles, drawings and paintings represents an artistic interpretation of “creature comforts”, the things that nurture and inspire us at the end of the day. Textiles hold a unique position in human culture as a craft that is equally functional and decorative. Fabrics are so engrained in our lives that we often lose sight of fabric's power to enhance (and, in fact, enable) day-to-day tasks. By singling out colors and patterns from nature that can easily go unnoticed in the daily hustle, Hannah’s artwork encourages a mindful approach to modern life.

Hannah’s nature-derived patterns remind us to slow down and take in the mysterious life forces that create our inherently beautiful world. In this collection, we see the ripples of water, flashing fish scales, chrysalises full of potential energy, and the flutter of birds across a cloud-strewn sky. We also see more geometric abstractions of natural motifs, from wave patterns to the curious inner structure of fruit.

Every piece in this collection is one of a kind. The textiles are adaptable to any functional purpose or can be displayed as purely decorative works of art. The artist holds a BFA degree in Textile Design from the University of Georgia and currently maintains her private practice in Atlanta.


Instagram: @hannahjames_textiles


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