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CCBC Gallery: Logan Shirah

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CCBC Gallery: Logan Shirah

Logan Shirah
“Ripple Surveyor”, on view May 10-28

Originally from Atlanta, Logan Shirah recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Painting. In 2015, Logan co-founded the Athens Free School, a skill-share and learning community in the Athens area that hosts free classes on a wide variety of subjects. Aside from making visual art, Logan enjoys writing, recording music and spending time in the outdoors.

The artist on his series, “Ripple Surveyor”:

            These paintings are explorations in automatic mark making and illusory narrative. They accumulate the moods and affections that I experience while I am making them. They don’t point to anything outside of themselves but signal to the sympathetic viewer as a sign for belonging and impish play. I like to think about painting as an architectural pursuit, where I am building a space for others to move around in. My process can be meditative or frenzied, but I am always responding to the last thing I’ve done. Over time the constructive process meets the scrutiny of interference, aberration and noise.

            I hope to reflect on and attest to the clutter and discordance overlooked by cultural gatekeepers. Accidental compositions of waste or debris, as well as remnants of our use and abuse of technology are all valuable places of inspiration. I’m also responding to the proliferation of graphic image culture and the 1990’s “golden era” of animated television that I have steeped in and which has shaped my visual world. I find amenity in the plastic nature of painting where playful contemplation is roused and consequences are contained.