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CCBC Gallery: Maria Nissan

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CCBC Gallery: Maria Nissan

This month for the CCBC Gallery we are showcasing the work of local artist Maria Nissan.

About the artist:

          “Art to me is not a painting or song or poetry. Art is about having something external channel into you that forces you to create life. When the process happens you have to expose the experience and create something that has never existed before. To give birth to life from an internal energy that you cannot understand but have to get out.”

          Maria Nissan’s art exposes her struggle with the universal human experiences of love, hate, and the pursuit of living in truth. Maria is an action painter: her intellectual creative process finds its physical expression through the act of putting paint to canvas. Where these processes overlap lie the truth and beauty of her art.

          “My paintings are a problem; it’s a language between gestures and events. With every mark I make I have an immediate response. I know the painting has been resolved when it no longer can continue to hold the conversation which is alternating between contentiousness, love, struggle, hate, and so on.”

          Maria’s multi-layered abstract art is based on simple shapes, the visual language with which Maria feels most comfortable. The shapes come together in visual harmony, the rhythm of pattern and shape speaking together to tell a story. It is an art of surrendering to the process of life and creativity, embracing where the spiritual and material meet.

          “One day the struggle stops and you hear a rhythmic harmonious tune. The puzzle that you created from scratch starts to connect and you start to feel loved again. My paintings are about the materialized energetic flow of love, the conversation and exploration of paint."

BAE, Art Education, University of Georgia 2014

Minor in Painting and Drawing