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271 W Hancock Ave
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Chris Herron

“Automatic is meant to be light, refreshing and quite drinkable without falling into the common pitfall of ending up too thin, watery or insipid. No color malts were used, however, the relatively full mouthfeel is enough to support this heavily hopped beer,” - Co­‐Founder and Brewmaster Adam Beauchamp.

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The Curious No. 6

Chris Herron

We are excited to release the sixth brew from The Curious Series on April 30! The base beer of The Curious No. 6 is a mixed culture, tart blonde ale that was fermented in wine barrels. In addition to aging in wine barrels, the beer underwent a secondary fermentation on Georgia peaches.

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Chris Herron

"This is the beer we plan to make again when we get new, freshly emptied wine barrels..As a result of using fresh barrels every time, Emergence will never be the exact same beer twice, and we are extremely proud of the 2015 vintage." - Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager, Blake Tyers. 

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Chris Herron

Last week we were able to visit the wonderful place that is the 1000 Faces roaster for a special cupping with some of their amazing staff: Ben, Alex  (who used to work with us here at CCBC!), and Neal.  Our Head Brewer Blake, attended the cupping to determine which coffee would be used for our Imperial Coffee Stout - Breakfast with Paul.  After a lot of discussion and collaboration with the incredible folks at 1000 Faces, Blake decided to do a blend of a couple of different coffees (Finca Idealista + Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza to be exact) for this very special beer.

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Cosmik Debris

Chris Herron

Back in the 70’s a musician named Frank Zappa wrote a song where he narrates an experience of running into a mystery man and proceeding to blow his mind.  That song is called “Cosmik Debris”.   

Soon after Tropicalia’s warm reception in the Atlanta and Athens markets, we knew we wanted to create a double IPA with the intention of making a beer that is still very balanced, but with a more assertive hop aroma and flavor.  So we brewed Cosmik Debris, a double IPA that showcases intense aromas and takes you on a wonderful journey of flavors.  This fruit forward, yet dry double IPA is perfect for a warm spring or summer day.

We hope you enjoy Cosmik Debris’ sensory journey, and we hope it blows your mind! 

Our First Seasonal - Koko Buni

Blake Tyers

When the leaves change color and the days start to cool down, as if natural instinct, people tend to like drinking darker beer. This isn't the case for everyone or an all the time mandate, we can drink Athena everyday, but something about the cool fall breeze changes the beer drinking palate. This is why we introduce to you our milk porter, Koko Buni. 

Koko Buni is a lovely milk porter that we've brewed and aged on toasted coconut, cocoa nibs from Athens' own Condor Chocolates, and coffee from our friends at 1000 faces. The name actually comes from the raw ingredients we use in the beer. Koko means coconut in Papiamento, a common language in parts of the Carribean, while Buni means coffee in Swahili, a common language in southeastern Africa. 

The flavors of this beer are rich and velvety like a warm camp fire, which also is the perfect setting to share with your friends. Mentally take a journey there or to whatever is your perfect autumn evening while enjoying Koko Buni.

Draft Only. 6.8% ABV.

Misty Valley Reclaimed Rye

Blake Tyers

We've been testing our Reclaimed Rye blended with coffee for several months now. If you've been in our tasting room you've probably tasted the Borboya, Reko, Suke Quto, and very early on we had Misty Valley. Well, we have had a fondness for the Misty Valley bean ever since the first time, and lucky for us this bean just came back into season.

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