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271 West Hancock Avenue
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Cans Are Coming Soon

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Cans Are Coming Soon

Blake Tyers

If you've been to the brewery lately you may have noticed that our canning line has showed up, stirring up a great amount of energy and excitement. Frankly, we cannot wait to have our first cans of Tropicalia and Athena roll off the line!

Why cans?

Cans match our goals for packaged beer in so many ways including more protection yielding a fresher tasting beer, and an overall greener packaging solution. We truly believe cans are a superior packaging option for our beer. The two main concerns we have for our beer when it comes to packaging is oxygen and light exposure. The double crimped seal on a can is a much tighter barrier than a cap on a bottle. This means our beer is going to stay tasting fresher longer as oxygen contributes to degradation of fresh flavors and a wet paper and cardboard flavor in beer over time. Secondly, cans keep out 100% of light waves, which is the best possible option, as "light struck" beer can end up tasting rather skunky and happen very quickly.

If you're wondering how they are a greener solution, there's really many angles to this. Firstly, aluminum is more recyclable than glass with about 75% of all aluminum ever produced still being in circulation. Secondly, the aluminum can weighs less than a glass bottle and is a shape more conducive to efficient shipping. Simply put, we can fit more beer in the same amount of space that weighs less per package. Consequently, we use less trucks and fuel to get our beer out to the shelves and our environmental impact is a little bit less. We look forward to growing into a company that can continue to put resources to conservation and sustainability. 

The Designs

Let's face it, this is what you all are really interested in. It has been a crazy journey trying to design our cans, and we are grateful to be working with one of the best damn designers in the world, who also happens to live right here in Athens, . . . the talented Mrs. Kim Kirby of Young Athenians. The cans are meant to tell you a bit about the beer inside the can as well as the name on the can while also exploring more of our total brand image. Anyone who has been to our brewery and been on our tour, has seen the attention to detail side of our brand and heard us talk about the brand being a reflection of ourselves. We are meticulously serious about our beer, and we also like to have some fun, especially in our home town of Athens, and we hope these cans help reflect bring out a bit more of that side of ourselves as well.



Clean and simple, this image is meant to reflect the place we envision when we think about drinking this beer. The color choice of the sky and the scene of this tropical oasis are meant to evoke an understanding of the tropical fruit and grapefruit aroma and flavor in this IPA. We want you to join us with a can of Tropicalia in this place of happiness and relaxation.



Focused on our home town of Athens, GA, the goddess Athena is walking the wheat filled streets of our home. The wheat fields hint at the wheat heavy malt-bill, while the yellow color evokes the citrus character in the beer. The "Lactobacillus Playing tonight" marquee is a nod to both the bacteria that gives Athena its unique tartness as well as the music scene that underlines this amazing city. We are proud of this beer, just like we are proud of our city, and we hope you will join us in raising a can of Athena in honor of this great town.

These will be the first two beers we present to you in a can with Bibo and Reclaimed Rye coming soon afterwards. The journey to this point hasn't been a short one and there's still a little time left before you see our six packs on the shelves of your favorite shop, but we're working hard on getting there.