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The Creature Behind The Creature

Creature Comforts Brewery Blog

The Creature Behind The Creature

Kim Kirby

To some he is known simply as Daddy D and to others Steinonymous reigns supreme. Although Steintime has long been the crowd favorite alias, his recent nomination of “The Sheriff” seems quite fitting. Ladies and Gentleman, there’s a new Sheriff in town. Allow me to introduce you to the Creature behind the Creature, dat man David Stein.


The dream started out small and somewhat nebulous at first, yet after homebrewing his first hot mess of coffee stout that had enough caffeine to raise the dead, he was hooked on honing his craft. Lesson #1: As in life, the art of envisioning, planning, creating, brewing and executing is all about the Balance.

From these humbling beginnings rose a powerful vision. A vision that was so innate it seemed to take on a life all its own. The pursuit of excellence became an obsession, and the obsession quickly brewed into sweet flowing nectar so bountiful that it became much more than just good beer. It became a movement, a grassroots movement that caught on fire. A movement that’s creating excellence among us, that’s transmitting contagiously creative vibrations within us, sparking intrigue and creating true craftsmanship. This social lubricant is the creation of a true Creature Comfort. And so begins the burgeoning tale of Creature Comforts Brewing Company…

Since brewing his first caffeinated coffee concoction, David’s pragmatic approach to life set the tone for the next ten years of his transformative twenties. After all, he says “they say that everyone should do what makes them happy. I figure you may as well drink what makes you happy. Beer is just so damn comfortable”.

Since the logical pursuit of submerging himself in his passion made so much sense, David began a career with the Brick Store Pub – a world-renowned beer bar located in the heart of Decatur Georgia. The education he gained by being involved with such a fine establishment was invaluable to his evolution over the next few years. In addition to having the most unique of opportunities to sample vast selections of world-class beers from all ends of the earth, David was surrounded by truly dedicated and passionate Disciples of Beer.

While his homebrewed Comforts soon began percolating themselves into the local arteries of the beer aficionado underground, his loyal following included community pioneers and close friends such as Mike Gallagher, Lee Dickson, Tom Moore and Dave Blanchard of Brick Store Pub and Leon’s Full Service, Karl Injex – Owner of the Sound Table, Paul Calvert – current owner of Paper Plane, Hugh Acheson and Ryan Smith – of Empire State South, and Sachin Patel – owner of the renowned Five Points Bottle Shop, Aromas, and Five Points Growler; all of whom are critical components that have simultaneously helped give rise to what Creature Comforts is today.

Lesson #2: surround yourself with GREAT human beings and more greatness will ensue. Thru an introduction made by Ryan Smith, David was introduced to Hugh Acheson and subsequently a very experienced and well-established group of Athens investors soon took note.

Meanwhile, the creatures of Decatur and Atlanta alike began buzzing with news of this illusive Creature Comforts IPA. As the carefully orchestrated grassroots recognition grew within the respected community, so did David’s pursuits.

After two years at the Brick Store, David accepted an Internship at BrewDog, a craft brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland. This marked his first splash into the inner-workings of a commercial brewery and imparted great insight from being part of such a recognizable and distinct brand. No sooner did his commercial experience pay off when he was offered the Head Brewer position at Twain’s Billiards & Tap back in the comfortable homeland of Decatur, GA.

As an artist’s eyes gaze upon a blank canvas, his visions soon took life. At last, the opportunity to share his creations with his entire community came to fruition. While making many creatures very comfortable with his well-balanced and inspiring brews, his anonymous “Steinonymous” alias as a great home brewer quickly faded and marked a new era and public persona as the new Sheriff of Decatur.

His vast lineup of core brews provided him with invaluable experimental opportunities to brew a wide array of core brew pub offerings, including:

Aunt Polly’s Porter, Black Eye Roasted Rye, Dance Wit Somebody, Dirty DIPA (collaboration with Sweetwater Brewing Co.), Godspeed DIPA, Heaven for Climate Golden Ale, Hell for Society Stout, Henbragon Brown Ale, Koko Buni Coffee Coconut Porter (collaboration with Ale Yeah!), Langhorne IPA, Mad Happy Pale Ale, Pudd’nhead Imperial Stout, Stubborn River ESB, Timmy J’s Awesome Sauce, and Tropicália IPA.

As the next year unfolded, David kept his eye on the prize and stayed steady in his pursuits. As you might imagine, the common thread of this story prevailed; David’s vision became something even bigger and took on a life of its own. The Creature was close.

Through a marriage with a prominent investment group located in the classic city of Athens, GA, the grassroots vision soon harvested into reality. It did not take long for David to realize that Athens, the hometown of his alma mater UGA, would be the perfect birthplace of his long awaited vision. And so, the elaborate process of discussing, planning, preparing, testing, investing, executing and building Creature Comforts Brewing Company began.

As history teaches us time and time again, a vision, if powerful enough, becomes a Creature in and of itself. After learning from his first two lessons, David knew that it’s all about the balance and that most importantly he needed to surround himself with great human beings.

And so begins the tale of the co-master in crime, the mad scientist and Heisenbrewg of Hotlanta, Adam Beauchamp. As a former graduate student in Genetics and Molecular Biology and a 7-year veteran of Sweetwater Brewing Company, we all knew from the start that Adam Beauchamp was certainly not destined to float the mainstream. Tune in next time for the unraveling tale of the Brewmaster Beauchamp and his overlapping visionary pursuits.

Until next time, Stay Classy and Stay Comfortable.