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Misty Valley Reclaimed Rye

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Misty Valley Reclaimed Rye

Blake Tyers

We're rounding out our first six months being open and it's been a wild ride so far. We can't thank you enough for all the amazing support and positive feedback we've had on our beer. We're living our dream and trying every day to continue to make beers we can all enjoy. We've got some cool new limited releases available now and another few treats coming soon. Stay tuned on the blog for updates over the next week.

Misty Valley Reclaimed Rye 

We've been testing our Reclaimed Rye blended with coffee for several months now. If you've been in our tasting room you've probably tasted the Borboya, Reko, Suke Quto, and very early on we had Misty Valley. Well, we have had a fondness for the Misty Valley bean ever since the first time, and lucky for us this bean just came back into season. 1000 Faces Coffee roasts a beautiful bean and the Misty Valley is an awesome crop to start with. A little from the 1000 Faces website:

The Idido Cooperative’s Misty Valley stands out from all other Yirgacheffe coffees. Exporter and producer Abdullah Bagersh has developed this coffee with a remarkable level of care through every step of the process. When the ripe cherries are brought to the mill to dry on raised African drying beds, they are constantly turned for 48 hours, day and night, to allow for even evaporation of moisture. Once they are completely dry, the skin, mucilage, and parchment are removed. This natural process gives Misty Valley the backbone of a milky body, a beautiful contrast to the floral and bright berry high-end of this grade 1 Yirgacheffe. We taste baker’s chocolate and blueberry muffin notes that express themselves fully and intensely in the cup.

After Reclaimed Rye ages on the 1000 Faces Misty Valley coffee beans for just a short time, we notice the very cool blueberry and other fruit notes that express themselves through the coffee. This is a limited release beer for us that is available in both Atlanta and Athens. We only made one batch of though so there's only 90 kegs out in the wild. Ask for it at your local before it's all gone and enjoy this perfect fall beer.