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271 West Hancock Avenue
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Tank Day

Creature Comforts Brewery Blog

Tank Day

Kim Kirby

We are excited to announce that our brewing equipment has arrived in the sweet land of Athens, Georgia!

Earlier this month, the Creature Comforts team traveled to Ridgeway, Virginia to inspect our brewhouse and cellar tanks prior to shipping. After we gave the official go ahead, Smart Machine Technologies (SMT), the equipment manufacturer, loaded everything up and turned her loose. The near 25 tons of beautifully crafted stainless steel came in on four fully loaded trailer trucks. We spent the majority of this past Friday unloading and getting everything into the building. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, we stood the tanks up and moved them into place. All of this lifting and moving is a very delicate and involved task. We had a fantastic crew and are ecstatic that we were able to safely move everything without any damage. We must say that the tanks look awesome in our historic downtown Athens facility (see pictures below.) From here we’ll begin the laborious process of leveling the tanks and connecting them to various systems (glycol, steam, power, filtered water, CO2, and compressed air.)

SMT completed our 30-barrel (bbl), three vessel brewhouse after working on it for almost 6 months. We chose to work with SMT for two main reasons: 1) They are a world-class manufacturer of American-made food and beverage systems (our brewhouse and all cellar tanks are 100% American made except for a couple components that were special ordered from Italy) and 2) our ability to fabricate and customize everything to our specific brewing needs (for example, a way for us to maintain a sour mash at a controlled temperature in an anaerobic environment for our Berliner Weisse).

The 30-bbl, three vessel brewhouse consists of a mash/lauter tun, a boil kettle, and a whirlpool vessel. Each batch we brew will produce approximately 930 gallons of beer. We will begin production with 4 x 60 bbl fermenters, 1 x 30 bbl fermenter, 2 x 60 bbl bright tanks, and 1 x 30 bbl bright tank. That is 270 bbls (8,100 gallons) of fermentation space and 150 bbls (4,500 gallons) of bright tank space. We hope you’re all thirsty!

Creature Comforts’ core lineup will include a Pilsner, IPA, Rye Amber, and Berliner Weisse. These beers will be canned and kegged (cans will be released 3-4 months after production begins.) We have been hard at work on the pilot brewing system to refine and perfect our recipes. While our feedback remains positive, our guiding cornerstone remains strong as we continue our relentless search for perfection through subtle enhancements to refine our recipes.

Beyond the 4 core beers we plan to roll out, we have also been developing some very experimental beers which are truly exciting for us. There are several of these but they run the gamut from treated Brettanomyces beers to huge distinctively barreled stouts, to innovative session beers.

Happy New Year’s everyone! We hope your new year is filled with great relationships, amazing experiences, and wonderful beer. Cheers!