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Creature Comforts Brewery Blog

CCBC Gallery: Chris Greer

Shannon Vinson

Clouds and Clay: Up Above Georgia

Clouds and Clay: Up Above Georgia showcases a series of aerial photographs of Georgia by local photographer and educator, Dr. Chris Greer. The artist is generously donating 100% of profits from the artworks’ sales to Creature Comforts’ Get Comfortable fund, supporting local nonprofits that address poverty, homelessness, and hunger. The exhibition will be on view through Sunday, March 4, and the artwork is for sale through Dr. Greer’s website:

Dr. Chris Greer is a Professor of Instructional Technology at Georgia College (Milledgeville) specializing in digital media and emerging technologies. Though he’s been taking photographs since the age of 10, Dr. Greer began using drones for his photography in last three years, seeking to capture viewpoints that would be impossible without the use of this technology. Dr. Greer has created content for institutions across the state, including the city of Athens, the University of Georgia, and Explore Georgia (the state’s official tourism office). In partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Greer recently published “Georgia Parks and Natural Resources”, the first digital textbook on a state park system in the United States.

Greer is an avid traveler and has taught digital photography and media productions around the world, including Italy and Australia. Check out aerial photos from Georgia and his travels on his Instagram account, @upabovegeorgia.

Upcoming art events:

Meet the Artist: Dr. Chris Greer, Sunday, February 25 (1–4pm): The next installment in Creature Comforts’ monthly Meet the Artist series features Dr. Chris Greer, accompanying his exhibition in the CCBC Gallery. Dr. Greer will spend the afternoon at the brewery demonstrating how he utilizes drones for his photography, transmitting a live-stream video from his drones to the brewery. Come out to the brewery to learn about this exciting technology and gain a new perspective on Athens with this local innovator!

Reclaimed Rye Cans

Shannon Vinson

We're thrilled to announce that we will package our year-round rye amber ale aged on French oak, Reclaimed Rye, in cans for the first time this February. Reclaimed Rye will join Tropicália (IPA), Athena (Berliner Weisse), and Bibo (Pilsner) as the fourth year-round offering to be made available in cans.

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Get Comfortable 2018

Shannon Vinson

Since opening our doors in 2014, we have aspired to leverage our brand and our people to add value to the Athens community. With a commitment to community being one of our founding pillars, we created the Get Comfortable campaign in order to work alongside local nonprofits who address the community’s most pressing needs. We will launch the fourth season of our Get Comfortable campaign this January!

The mission of the Get Comfortable campaign is to become a unifying anchor in the business community to drive awareness, increase engagement, and provide support for nonprofits combating the Athens community’s greatest needs as it relates to living comfortably. In Athens-Clarke County where one in five people are food-insecure and the poverty rate is 36.6% – nearly twice the state poverty rate of 18.4% – the campaign has traditionally focused on hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Through a rigorous vetting process as well as the direction of an advisory committee of community stakeholders, the campaign selected 6 organizations to highlight throughout the season & receive funding when the program wraps in November 2018.

The following nonprofits were chosen as the 2018 Get Comfortable partners: Advantage Behavioral Health, Athens Area Homeless Shelter, Athens Community Council on Aging, The Ark, Chosen For Life, & Mercy Health Center.

“Over the last three years, the Get Comfortable program has become less of a thing we do, and more of a part of who we are at Creature Comforts,” says our Co-founder & CEO Chris Herron. “As a result, we are making some very positive changes to the program this year that will allow us to truly make this a fully integrated year-long program, while still maintaining a dedicated season of emphasis. With the hiring of a full-time Director of Community and Culture, Matt Stevens, we are excited to see what we can achieve through the Get Comfortable program in 2018 and beyond.”

In Fall 2017, we created a full-time position at the brewery with a focus on community initiatives, as well as our internal culture. Matt Stevens was brought on in September 2017 as the new Community and Culture Director and will serve as the head of all programs related to the brewery’s community involvement and culture development, which includes Get Comfortable.

Matt previously served as the lead of Athens Church’s Be Rich initiative for four years, culminating in $786,725 raised and distributed, 7,135 volunteer hours tallied, and 7,000 cold weather garments collected to benefit 15 local nonprofits. Prior to Athens Church, Matt worked for six years as the Associate Director at the University of Georgia Costa Rica, with the primary goal of connecting returning students who had been participating in international outreach efforts with local agencies. He has a Master of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Georgia.

“Having worked in the nonprofit space around Athens the past eight years has been quite an education. Our city has complex, cyclical needs on the one hand, but a vibrant community looking to address those needs on the other,” says Stevens. “I think the business community has been taking admirable strides in recent years to leverage its resources to get involved, and I’m sincerely honored to take on this role at Creature Comforts in the hopes, to some extent, of unifying these efforts – to get the right people around the table to, first, understand the story the data is telling us, and second, to determine a way to mobilize our resources as effectively as possible.”

Get Comfortable in 2018 will be a year-round campaign with a pronounced season of emphasis taking place January 10 through April 4, during which we will donate 100% of our Wednesday “community day” profits towards the Get Comfortable fund. We'll also create Get Comfortable merchandise, bring back the popular Get Comfortable IPA, and work alongside for-profit businesses to generate additional profits for the fund. The campaign will wrap toward the end of 2018, the remaining time being dedicated to serving the agencies’ individual needs throughout the year.

In early January, we will also launch a website,, which will encompass all our community initiatives. The website will include details and updates on Get Comfortable as well as Get Artistic, a new initiative serving the local arts community, along with other future initiatives.

Get Comfortable was recently awarded the Cause of the Year for its 2017 campaign at the 2017 Brewbound Awards. The Cause of the Year award is given to one outstanding craft brewery that demonstrates a commitment to supporting a specific cause. The award was announced during the Brewbound Session business conference, which took place on November 29 in Santa Monica, California.

Get Comfortable 2018 will kick off January 10. Get Comfortable merchandise as well as the Get Comfortable IPA will be available at the brewery for the kick off!  We look forward to seeing you in our Tasting Room on Wednesdays for our GC season of emphasis!

Koko Buni 2017

Shannon Vinson

We are very excited to bring back Koko Buni, our winter seasonal milk porter with toasted coconut, cocoa nibs, and coffee, this December. Koko Buni will be available on draft and in 6pk 12oz cans onsite at the brewery as well as in the Athens and Atlanta markets.

Koko Buni (6.5%) is a milk porter brewed with toasted coconut, cocoa nibs, and coffee. The flavors are rich and velvety – perfect for cooler days and evenings. As with all our offerings, a key characteristic of Koko Buni is balance in flavor. None of the flavors are overpowering or fatiguing on the palate.

“We decided not to be traditional with the beer and add some ingredients that play well with the existing roasty and chocolatey flavors of dark beer,” says our Head Brewer David Stein. “The result is a decadent porter, yet balanced and not over the top. Each flavor has room to individually interact with your palate, which is always a challenge as a brewer when using so many ingredients.”

We sourced the coffee and a portion of the cocoa nibs used in the beer locally. The coffee is an Ethiopian blend from 1000 Faces Coffee and the cocoa nibs are Ecuadorian from local bean-to-bar chocolatier, Condor Chocolates. In addition, 1000 Faces will offer the coffee used in the milk porter as a limited-edition Koko Buni coffee blend.

The coconut and Ethiopian coffee used in making the beer inspired its name. “Koko” translates to coconut in Papmiento, a language commonly used in the Caribbean. “Buni” is derived from the word for coffee in Amharic, the primary language found in Ethiopia.

Koko Buni will be available on draft and in cans onsite at the brewery and in the Athens and Atlanta markets in mid-late December. 

Sonoma Pride

Shannon Vinson

At Creature Comforts, we wanted to determine a way to serve our city before we'd ever brewed a drop of beer, and this commitment remains one of our company pillars today.

Should, for instance, the definition of community be understood as something that is strictly geographical, an allegiance that supposedly dissipates at the borders of one's neighborhood or state line? Or should it be, in our case, vocational as well?

Put another way, does a group of people bound by a common pursuit, no matter their mailing address, constitute a community? We've decided it does. 

After all, the brewers and cellarmen, the pub owners and representatives of the craft beer community around the country have become fast friends of ours, peers and mentors and advocates. They are champions of our brewery and patrons of our brand. And the feeling—though perhaps it should go without saying—is emphatically mutual. We have heroes across our brewing community who challenge and inspire us with each new release.

So, when members of that community, and a region of our country, is devastated by disaster, we want to act as neighbors do and ask: What can we do to help?

When the Santa Rosa-based Russian River Brewing Co.—heroes of ours, indeed—launched an inventive arrangement to raise money for Sonoma wildfire relief, we were honored to participate. You can, and should, learn more on their website, but the short story goes like this: In response to these fires that tore through Sonoma and its surrounding counties last October, Russian River, in partnership with the King Ridge Foundation, decided to brew a beer with 100% of profits for the brew going to the Foundation. They invited craft breweries around the country to brew a beer under the brand Sonoma Pride as a vehicle to raise awareness and funds, and we were fortunate enough to get invited by one of our hero breweries to be a part of the cause.

Our take on this recipe is a hoppy blonde ale brewed with Comet, Waimea, and Crystal hops, and 100% of the profits from our Sonoma Pride draft and to-go sales will be directed to the King Ridge Foundation, who are mobilizing these dollars to meet the region's most pressing needs. Click here to learn more, and take a moment to look through the many participating breweries who jumped to the aid of their coast-to-coast community. 

We hope you'll join us December 8th as we tap these kegs for the first time to show a little love for our friends out West.

Come out. Drink up. Do good. #SonomaPride

Bottle Release Day 2017

Shannon Vinson

We hope you will join us in our Tasting Room for our Bottle Release Day on November 24th, 2017. We will be releasing several bottles to-go as well as for onsite consumption. We are looking forward to sharing this special projects with you. For more information about the beers, check below.

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CCBC Gallery: Call for Artists!

Shannon Vinson

The Broadside Exhibition Project: Verse 1

The Broadside Exhibition Project: Verse 1 has been rescheduled from November 2017 to March 2018. The application deadline will be extended to January 7, 2018 in an effort to allow more local artists and poets to participate.

All applications received thus far will remain on file through the deadline extension.

Organized by Creature Comforts’ Get Artistic program, The Broadside Exhibition Project is an annual show of curated collaborations between poets and artists. The project's first iteration, Verse 1, will be displayed across multiple locations in Athens, GA in November and December 2017. Up to twenty pairs of poets and visual artists will be selected to collaborate and create original broadsides together, which will be displayed in the mini-exhibits around town. This is an exciting opportunity for artists to work across mediums– from visual to writing and back– and grow with their community into new creative territory.

So, what is a broadside? At first glance, a broadside reads as a poster: a large print featuring a combination of text and images that is, significantly, displayed in a public space. However, broadsides serve an artistic purpose beyond the didactic utility of posters. Broadsides provide a uniquely communal experience of a form of art that is typically enjoyed privately and intellectually, as in a book of poetry. The Get Artistic program aims to create opportunities for Creature Comforts’ community and consumers to connect with art in dynamic ways. Get Artistic brings people together, with art and with beer, in order to strengthen our community bonds and enliven our creative spirit. This is why The Broadside Exhibition Project: Verse 1 is one part gallery show, one part public art project.

The online application for poets and visual artists will be open through September 30, 2017 or until up to twenty poet/artist pairs are selected. Collaborations may be assigned on a rolling basis or, at the latest, by October 7. Design collaboration and printing will take place in October. Because of the time-sensitive nature of the collaboration project, only submissions by poets and artists local to the Athens area will be accepted.

Please fill out the online application, linked below, to be considered for the project. Both poets and visual artists must submit examples of their work to apply. Applications must also include a statement of intent, relevant background information, and links to online portfolios, if possible.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions. 

CCBC Gallery: René Shoemaker

Shannon Vinson

CCBC Gallery Featured Artist

René Shoemaker

On view Tuesday, October 31 through Sunday, December 3, 2017

Inspired by her passion for travel, color, architecture, and natural beauty, René Shoemaker has been painting on silk for thirty-five years. The Athens based artist has spent much of her life traveling and studying how people interact with place, weaving their lives through spaces they occupy. After retiring from her position as Library & Gallery Director at the University of Georgia, Shoemaker began a full-time commitment to her art.

Shoemaker recently returned to Athens from a six-month residency in France. The artist and her husband, Harvey, have realized their lifelong dream and purchased a home in the French countryside. The artist says,

“Athens has been good to me, and I have grown artistically through it and the people I have met here. After earning a BFA from the University of Georgia, focusing on Fabric Design, I continued to have a long relationship with UGA. I was born and raised in NYC, and wandered my way into Athens one day in 1976. After all these years of being faithful to Athens, I am now making a new home in central France.”

On Sunday, November 12, please join us for Creature Comforts’ next monthly installment of Meet the Artist, featuring René Shoemaker. The artist will provide hands-on demonstrations of her silk painting process inspired by her travels around the globe. Don’t miss this free-of-charge opportunity to Get Artistic!

Shoemaker has documented her art and travel both in words and photos on her blog, located on the artist’s website. We recommend checking out the conversation between Shoemaker and local artist and curator Hope Hilton, in which the two artists explore the meaning of place, the beauty of an unplanned journey, and Shoemaker’s newfound community in France.



All of the works of art on view in the CCBC Gallery are for sale. For purchase inquiries, please contact the artist directly at or by phone at 706-424-4739.

All general inquiries about Creature Comforts or the CCBC Gallery may be sent to

Creature Captured: Erin Boydstun

Shannon Vinson

"One of my favorite, sweet memories was the first time I dry-hopped with Drew he was up on the tank and he said ‘congratulations on being the first female dry-hopper in Creature Comforts history!’ and that was really sweet. Drew is definitely the default Dad of the production staff – he took a picture to send to me of my first dry-hopping, so that was pretty adorable." - Erin Boydstun

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Table Beer

Shannon Vinson

“The idea of a Table Beer is not new, and in fact it is practically the genesis for beer,” says our Co-founder and CEO Chris Herron. “Our goal was to design a beer that serves as a complement to food rather than a distraction – something unpretentious, that is meant to simply be enjoyed with friends around the dinner table.”

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The Festival 2017

Shannon Vinson

When we heard that the Shelton Brothers were going to hold their annual The Festival event in Atlanta, Georgia, one of two markets where our beer is distributed, we were excited, anxious, and all around proud. We of course know what an amazing craft beer culture exists in Atlanta, filled with educated and loyal consumers and retailers, and we wanted to make sure that we could do our part to shine a light on it for others to see. Therefore, we went to work to collaborate with our industry friends to create some amazing experiences for the general public and industry guests coming in from out of town.

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A New Series: Subtle Alchemy

Shannon Vinson

Subtle Alchemy is a series of continuously evolving expressions from our wood cellar. Each blend is unique in its parts and singular in the moment in time it is created. The flavors expressed will follow the ebbs and flows of our barrel program.

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Watch the Hands, Not the Cards — The Magic of Megabrew (Op-ed for Good Beer Hunting)

Shannon Vinson

The sale of craft breweries to AB InBev is becoming more and more common, and just like anything, the more common something becomes, the more normal it starts to feel, and the more people start to wonder, does it really matter? It all depends on why the craft breweries are being bought by AB InBev, and I think the answer is much more complicated, if conservative, than we realize...

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Shannon Vinson

We are so fortunate to be able to extend our tour hours for our Tasting Room starting in May! From now on we will be open one hour later on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and will now be open on Sundays from 1-6PM! We thank Athens and the surrounding areas for supporting us these last three years so that we can get to the point of being open longer and therefore giving more guests the chance to attend our educational tours and try our brews. Cheers!

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Cosmik Debris 2017

Shannon Vinson

“Cosmik Debris should always be kept cold and consumed as fresh as possible,” says our Co-Founder and Brewmaster Adam Beauchamp. “Allowing it to age would lessen the brilliant, fresh aroma that we worked to infuse into the beer.”

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