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Creature Comforts Brewery Blog

A Taste of the South: Dayspring

Shannon Vinson

In 2014, we opened Creature Comforts Brewing with a quest. We wanted to establish ourselves as a brewery of high quality that made carefully crafted and thoughtful beers. We wanted to be a place for the community to find fellowship, support, and camaraderie. We wanted to immerse ourselves into the city of Athens and truly be a positive addition to the community. We also wanted to support the community and find like-minded farmers that had a vision for a better way of living and deep respect for the land. These notions manifested themselves into the pillars of our company, and they continue to hold true now. Early on we opened our doors to the Athens Farmers Market, which we still host every Wednesday, and, lucky for us, that is where we met the Brett Family of DaySpring Farms in late 2014.


DaySpring Farms is a short 20 miles from our brewery through the Georgia countryside. The small, unassuming, single-family farm grows some of the best grains I’ve ever tasted, which is no surprise after you talk to the farm manager Nathan Brett. A charming family man, Nathan and his father, Murray, work relentlessly to grow grains that are honest and pure. Their motto is, “reclaiming a better way of life.” This sentiment is a profound truth they hold tightly. Honest farming, with the mission of creating pure, high-quality grains, and a lasting healthy lifestyle, is a reflection of their contribution and hope for the world.

Their organically grown wheat and corn contain deep amounts of flavor that really open your eyes to how wheat and corn should taste. I encourage you to find their grits if you want to know what I mean. They’re phenomenal and one of my favorite ways to start a Saturday at home. This beautiful, high-quality grain is why we have decided to make them a part of the identity of our brewery. Not only do we make a beer named DaySpring featuring their wheat, but DaySpring wheat is in every beer from our specialty cellar. Their wheat is a part of our house flavor now, a signature of the department. It’s an honor to continue to work with them as we push into the future. Their daily commitment to their craft make our beers better, and we’re all grateful for it.

With all that being said, we are extremely excited to be releasing DaySpring (batch #3), our traditional interpretation of a grisette, into the markets of Athens & Atlanta in 750mL bottles and have DaySpring serve as one of our bottles we look forward to offering year-round through our wood cellar program.

Dry, grassy, herbal, and slightly fruity this beer represents our vision of historical brewing from Belgium. Not only is this beer a flagship of our specialty program, but also a foundational piece of our local agriculture initiative. Look for bottles in stores as well as in our tasting room.


—Blake Tyers, Wood Cellar & Mixed Fermentation Director

Concurrence Blend 2

Shannon Vinson

Concurrence Blend 2 is an imperial stout (12.1%) aged in rye whiskey barrels with coffee and cinnamon added. For this beer, we blended from rye whiskey barrels where the beer sat for 19 months before we added coffee and cinnamon to it. We worked with 1000 Faces Coffee to choose Agua Limpa coffee (a nutty, chocolatey, rich coffee) from Brazil to accent the flavors of this particular beer.

The beer will be available on CraftCellr at 1PM this Saturday, July 13th. There will be a limit of 2 bottles/person for each beer for CraftCellr, a limit of 4 bottles/person onsite, and the bottles will be available at 34.99/bottle. The beers will also be available on draft for the release. Cheers!

CCBC Gallery: Creature Colors

Shannon Vinson

Drawings by Creature Comforts staff artists:

May Hitchings, Melissa Merrill, Gunnar Tarsa, and Emma Turner 

On view June 7–July 14, 2019 

This exhibition of chalkboard murals celebrates Creature Colors, a coloring booklet designed by artists from the Creature Comforts staff. Each drawing was inspired by a Creature Comforts beer or beloved symbol from the brewery, including our rescue cat Automatic. Can you spot a reference to your favorite Creature Comforts beer?

The Creature Colors coloring booklets will be for sale in Creature Comforts’ onsite retail store. 100% of profits benefit the Get Artistic fund to support visual artists, musicians, writers, and other creatives in the Athens community. Learn more about the program

Tritonia with Cucumber & Lime

Shannon Vinson

Just in time for summer, we are releasing our next seasonal offering: Tritonia with cucumber & lime!

Tritonia is a tart and refreshing gose (4.5% ABV) with hints of coriander and sea salt. This version of Tritonia features the addition of cucumber and lime.

Tritonia with cucumber & lime is currently available on draft in the tasting room and it will be available in 12oz 6pks from the brewery on June 18th. You can expect to find Tritonia in our entire can distribution footprint shortly after our onsite release.

River Ridge Red & the Curious. No. 12

Shannon Vinson

Join us for the release of 2 very special beers from our wood cellar!

Celebrating the crop with River Ridge Red

River Ridge Red is an ale (6.6%) aged in oak barrels with organic red raspberries from Independence, VA's River Ridge Organics.

This beer is a celebration of the crop from their farm. We selected the best blend of barrels to honor the complex flavor of the red raspberries featured in the beer. Once we blended beer onto the fresh raspberries, we performed punchdowns for two weeks, and then continued to macerate on the fruit for more than 6 months. The extended time allows the acids from the fruit to round out and mellow, leaving a soft and honest red raspberry flavor. As with all of our beers from our wood cellar, we have worked diligently to have a balanced acid profile that compliments the fruit River Ridge farms have worked so hard to grow.

Total production: 158 cases

River Ridge Red will be available in 500mL bottles from the tasting room on June 15th and is now available for pre-purchase on CraftCellr. The onsite limit is 6/guest at 17.99 per bottle.

Bottles are available for pre-sale here:

From the Curious Series: the Curious No. 12

We developed Curious 12 from our desire to create a beer that mimics red wine without the use of grapes. The beer was port barrel-aged and packaged still, supporting the red wine flavors present in the offering. Once River Ridge Black was finished conditioning on top of the fruit, we transferred some of the beer to a port barrel to age for 8 months. This additional aging was to encourage port flavors to round out the flavor profile of River Ridge Black and add depth and complexity via the oxidized flavors of port.

The Curious No. 12 is a part of our Curious Series in which we explore new techniques, flavors, and ingredients. The beer is 8.1% ABV and will be available in a limited amount of 500mL bottles from the tasting room on June 15th for onsite consumption only.

Life in Flux

Shannon Vinson

Our next limited release from our recently expanded wood cellar is Life in Flux, which will debut this June. Life in Flux will be available in 750mL bottles from our tasting room on June 1st.

Life in Flux is a blended imperial stout (13% ABV) aged in whiskey barrels. We blended select barrels from the wood cellar that best represent the beauty of our current whiskey barrel-aged stout collection. Our plan is to release a blend of Life in Flux annually. The intent for each vintage is to represent a snapshot of our barrels from a specific moment in time.

Life in Flux will be available in 750mL bottles from the tasting room on June 1st starting at 1PM with a limit of 4 bottles/guest at $29.99/bottle. Bottles will be available on a first come, first served basis from the brewery only.

Mutualism Returns

Shannon Vinson

We’re excited to announce the second release of our collaboration with Jester King Brewery, Mutualism, from the tasting room in Athens this Spring. The southern-style farmhouse lager will be available in 750-mL bottles on May 11.

Mutualism is dry, round, and defined with a 6-percent ABV. The base beer for Mutualism is a pilsner brewed using local wheat and grits from Georgia-based DaySpring Farms. The finished pilsner underwent a secondary fermentation with a blend of house-mixed cultures of yeast and bacteria from both our brewery as well as Jester King’s. The beer was then bottle conditioned for five months.

Our two breweries first released the collaborative brew in July 2016. We bonded over a strong admiration for beers that represent a time and place, which inspired the blending of the two house cultures as well as the use of local grits, a staple in Southern homes.

“We feel that this beer is a beautiful balance of our two breweries,” says Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager Blake Tyers. “Our work together, and our house cultures working together created a mutually beneficial relationship revealed in the beauty of this beer.”

Our resident artist, Melissa Merrill, designed the label art for Mutualism. The label depicts both breweries’ logos as one cohesive unit, representative of the symbiotic qualities of the beer. Inspired by the collaborative brew, Merrill painted the original artwork for the label with a watercolor medium derived from the two breweries’ combined house-mixed cultures.

Five Years Curious

Shannon Vinson

Thank you to everyone who joined us in raising a glass to five incredible years this past weekend! We’re so grateful to everyone who has come along on this curious journey with us & for the support over the years. From sharing one-of-a-kind offerings like Existence & our Five Year Anniversary Ale to introducing new offerings like our Crushies (which we hope to have more often in our tasting room) - we enjoyed a great weekend of celebrating with you all!

We want to say a special thanks to the following for providing delicious food, live music, and unique creations for our open-air market:

The Wobblers

Halem Albright Band

Desert Noises

Motel Radio

New Madrid




Figment Kombucha

Color of Heat

Tie-Dyed Turtle Natural Living, LLC

Nevermore Studio

Blue GrassHopper Creations

1000 Faces Coffee

Little Athens

South East Women Wrestlers

Jourdan Joly Studio

Manila Express

La Michoacana Es Natural

Photo RIOT

H and L Ceramics

Pinto Art Supplies

Check out images of the memorable weekend below. Cheers to five years!

The Curiosity Bar

Shannon Vinson

Thank you to everyone who came out for our first-ever Curiosity Bar Cocktail Competition pop-up last week! We were amazed at every curious concoction the incredible cocktail makers presented, with a range of flavors all complementing our core beers featured. Congratulations to The National for snagging runner-up and The Plate Sale for taking first-place!

A special thank you to Little Kings & T for hosting, The Side Hustle for also providing delicious bites, DJ Quincy for the tunes, and 1000 Faces for supplying us with extra coolers and insight on cocktail competitions. You can check out photos from the event below and be sure to stay tuned for what's next for the Curiosity Bar.

Cheers & Stay Curious!

Wood Cellar Expansion

Shannon Vinson

In an effort to grow our wood cellar and specialty brand program, we recently expanded our barrel facility with additional equipment in January 2019. We added three foeders as well as a state-of-the-art bottling line to our original location in downtown Athens.


The three foeders were imported from a winery in Sardinia and refurbished by an Italian cooper. We’re utilizing the additional tanks to increase the quality as well as the output of specialty brands. The bottling line we recently added is a GAI MLE 661 BIER model coming from Italy. The line is capable of packaging 500mL, 750mL, and 1500mL formats, and packages 750mL bottles at a rate of 1000 bottles/hour (still) and 700 bottles/hour (sparkling).


“Expanding our barrel facility allows us to work more closely with local farms to innovate and reflect our region with flavor,” said Wood Cellar & Specialty Brand Manager Blake Tyers. “We look forward to growing the program and continuing on this journey of curiosity and exploration.” 


We’re now preparing for the release of several offerings from the program. Consumers can expect new brands, Pearson and Curious #12, in addition to the return of Existence as the next releases from the wood cellar and specialty brand program.

Pearson is a fruited ale aged in oak barrels that showcases locally sourced peaches from Fort Valley, Georgia's Pearson Farms. We worked with “the Peach Guru” John Short of Georgia Proud Provisions to select the Elberta peach, the original king peach of Georgia, to feature in the 2018 vintage. We then determined select barrels to create a blend that honors the flavors of the chosen peach variety. We packaged and conditioned the beer in 500mL bottles. Pearson is 6.5% ABV and will be available from our tasting room on March 30.


We developed Curious #12 from a previous release from our wood cellar, River Ridge Black. Once River Ridge Black finished conditioning on top of organic black raspberries and black currants, we transferred a portion of the beer to a port barrel where it aged for eight months. Curious #12 is a part of our Curious Series that we utilize to explore new techniques, flavors, and ingredients. The beer is 8.1% ABV and will be available in a limited amount of 500mL bottles.


Existence [2019] is a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout aged for 23 months. This version of the stout is 13.7% ABV and intense yet balanced with a firm structure and viscous body. We first released the brand in May 2016, and the beer served as the first bourbon barrel-aged stout the brewery ever produced. Existence was built to age and develop over time into a refined and well-balanced offering.

We hope you’ll join us in our tasting room on March 30 for the Pearson release and stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases from our wood cellar!

5 Year Anniversary Call for Market Vendors: Details

Shannon Vinson

Important Dates

Vendor application ($10 nonrefundable fee required) will close Monday, March 18, 2019

Selected vendors will be notified via email by Friday, March 22

Selected vendors: booth fee ($60) due by Friday, March 29

Last day for a 50% booth fee refund is Friday, April 5

The event will be Saturday, April 13 (market: 11am to 7pm)




Who should apply to this market?

As the intent of this market is to celebrate our local community, only local, Athens-area businesses, professional artisans, etc. will be considered. If you have questions, please email prior to applying.


Is this market indoors?
No, this will be an outdoor market, rain or shine.


Will this market be in Creature Comforts’ courtyard?
No, this market will be on the street. Please note: Creature Comforts has applied to the city of Athens to close West Hancock Ave (the block in front of the brewery) for this community market.


The market is contingent on city approval. If the request is rejected, all vendor application fees will be refunded.


Does applying guarantee that I will be in the market?

No, applying does not guarantee selection for the market. Market space is limited.


Rules and Regulations

All must be acknowledged in the online vendor application in order to be considered for the market. If you have questions you would like answered before applying, please email and we will do our best to respond within 2 business days.


Vendors must provide their own 10x10-foot tent AND tent weights and 6- or 8-foot table, along with any other display materials or signs required to operate.


Booth sharing between vendors is not permitted.


One 10x10-foot tent is the vendor's entire allotment for the duration of this event. Signs and displays cannot extend beyond this allotment, as this may be unsafe and violate the event's fire code. Creature Comforts reserves the right to deem any signs or displays outside of your 10x10-foot booth area unsafe or inappropriate.


Vendors must provide their own staff, at the vendor's own expense, for the duration of the event, including set-up and breakdown. Vendors should plan to maintain adequate staff to ensure organizational flow at the event.


Vendors are responsible for their own set up and breakdown. This includes but is not limited to tent, tables, tent weights, displays, etc.


Vendors must arrive at least one hour prior to event start time to set up or they may not be permitted to set up. This event starts at 11am, so vendors must arrive no later than 10am.


Vendors are not to break down early (prior to the 7pm market close). Vendors have one hour after the market closes to break down their booth entirely (until 8pm). However, if you must leave early because of a special circumstance or emergency, please inform a Creature Comforts staff member before breaking down.


Vendors will be responsible for maintaining their allotted space in a clean and orderly manner throughout the duration of the event. Vendors will also be responsible for all trash removal within their allotment at the close of the event. Trash and recycling bins will be provided in the vicinity. Violators may be subject to a $100 fee.


Vendors are required by Georgia State Law to pay sales tax on any revenue made from events/markets. Vendors are responsible for claiming income tax. Creature Comforts Brewing Co. does not assist with this.


Creature Comforts will not provide electricity to vendors. You will not be permitted to run cords or wires from your booth to an outlet. That is a safety hazard.


Vendors will have access to bathrooms/porta potties.


Wi-fi access will not be provided by Creature Comforts Brewing Co.


If you are accepted as a vendor, Creature Comforts Brewing Co. has the right to use images of your items, logos, signage, and likeness, as well as your name, for promotional purposes.


A nonrefundable application fee ($10) must be submitted with the vendor application online. This is the only accepted form of payment for this fee.


If you are accepted as a vendor, an additional booth fee ($60) will be due within one week (7 days) of vendors’ acceptance notice or the vendor’s spot may be given to someone else. This additional fee can only be paid online through a separate form to be distributed upon acceptance notice.


If you are accepted and cannot participate in the event after paying the booth fee, you may be refunded 50% of the booth fee only if you notify Creature Comforts in writing by Friday, April 5. Otherwise, no refunds will be issued. No-shows will not be issued a refund.


Event is rain or shine. Vendors are expected to come prepared for the elements. If you feel unsafe setting up in inclement weather, you will not be penalized; however, no refunds will be issued.

If the event is cancelled due to severe weather, Acts of God or anything outside of Creature Comforts Brewery’s control, refunds will not be issued.


If you are accepted as a vendor, you release Creature Comforts and all its affiliates from any damage to your person or property that may occur as a result of participation in Creature Comforts Brewery 5 Year Anniversary Celebration. We make every effort to provide a secure environment. You are solely responsible for all your belongings, including your tent, tables, chairs, valuables, goods and vehicle. Creature Comforts Brewery nor any of its affiliates are liable for any injuries that occur during the event, including the setup and breakdown portion of the event.

CCBC Gallery: Family Computer: Familiar Interiors

Shannon Vinson

Family Computer: Familiar Interiors

A new series of cyanotypes by Ashley Anderson (Atlanta)

On view in the CCBC Gallery Tuesday, January 29 through Sunday, March 24, 2019

 Ashley Anderson’s Family Computer: Familiar Interiors showcases a new series of pixelated cyanotypes that pays homage to the intertwining histories of art and video games. A follow-up to the Atlanta based artist’s exhibition Family Computer Family Portrait (Kibbee Gallery, Atlanta, October 2018), Familiar Interiors focuses on landscapes in classic home video games and encourages a consideration of how humans interact with digital space.

 “The pictures hopefully give a real sense of place or feeling by depicting spaces that never physically existed but were still experienced by whole generations of people.” –Ashley Anderson

 The eleven scenes represented in this show should look familiar to those who grew up playing early home video games like Duck Hunt (1984) for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), though slightly modified. Anderson digitally collaged background elements from the video game sources to create original images that feel more like imperfect memories than screenshots.

 In some cases, the “re-compositions” quote specific historical works of art: “Wheatfield with Duck Roost (27 July 1890)” is loosely based on a Van Gogh painting, while the puddle in "Deep Blue Bayou” references an M.C. Escher print of a reflection in a tire tread puddle. It was Anderson’s love for painting and art history that drew him to the cyanotype process, being a form of photographic printing reliant on brushwork: paper is coated with a sun-sensitive chemical mixture, the exposure of which causes the paper to turn blue. An overlain negative will block the exposure to varying degrees, resulting in a blueprint-like image.

 Full of callbacks to real-world art and imagery from classic video games, Familiar Interiors leads viewers to examine their own layered experiences of reality: physical to digital to conceptual and back.

“No one expects anyone to use video games to talk about anything other than nostalgia or pop culture, but what I'm interested in is history (art and otherwise), problems relating to seeing, and maybe what our relationship to machines is and could be.” –Ashley Anderson

 Anderson will lead a cyanotype workshop at the brewery on the exhibition’s closing day, Sunday, March 24. Pre-registration will open online in February.

All the exhibited works of art are available for purchase at the brewery through the closing day (March 24), with 10% of proceeds supporting Creature Comforts’ Get Artistic nonprofit fund.

Big News for New Georgia Markets!

Shannon Vinson

We are excited to announce that we will expand our distribution footprint to include the Savannah and coastal Georgia markets! We will work with our distributor, Savannah Distributing, to enter the additional markets and we plan to distribute statewide by early June 2019.

Since opening in 2014, our beer has only been available in Athens, Atlanta, and nearby surrounding cities. We expanded our operations in 2018 by opening an $11 million, 40,000-square-foot additional production facility to better meet the demand in our existing markets and we added Columbus, GA, and Augusta, GA to our distribution footprint in November 2018.

The recent expansion brought our initial capacity of 50,000 barrels, and after moving tanks from our original Snow Tire location to our new Southern Mill location, capacity has increased to 70,000 barrels. The additional increase in production capacity will allow us to expand our current distribution footprint!

“It’s exciting that our beer will be available throughout Georgia for the first time.  We are always grateful when we get the opportunity to use our beer to create enjoyable experiences and positively impact communities within our home state,” says our Co-founder and CEO Chris Herron.    

Get Comfortable 2019 Campaign Launch

Shannon Vinson

We are excited to announce we will launch the 2019 campaign of our flagship community outreach program, Get Comfortable, on February 6. Starting with the 2019 campaign, the program will begin partnering with another brewery each year to release a collaborative beer to generate funds for the campaign. In the 2019 Get Comfortable season, we are partnering with Russian River Brewing Company.

“When Russian River put a call out to our friends in the craft beer industry last year to raise money for the victims of the 2017 Sonoma County fires, Creature Comforts came forward to help support the cause. It was pretty early on in our recruiting, so naturally I was blown away that a brewery all the way from Athens, Georgia would help out,” said Russian River Owner & Brewer Vinnie Cilurzo.

“Fast forward to the 2018 Firestone Walker Invitational, Adam and I were having a beer and discussing beer and business and he told me about the Get Comfortable campaign Creature Comforts was doing. When Adam asked if we’d like to brew a beer together to help raise money for local charities in Athens, it was an easy yes. At Russian River, we look at giving back to our community as a part of our business model, so it is great to connect with others in the beer industry like Creature Comforts who have the same values.”


We collaborated to brew an IPA featuring Strata, Amarillo, Comet, and Pahto hops. Get Comfortable IPA is 7.2% ABV and will be available throughout the campaign on draft and in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans.

With the vision of being a good neighbor to those in need, we created Get Comfortable in 2015, which has grown to be a year-round program. Get Comfortable’s mission is to unify the business community to resource the agencies meeting the community's most pressing needs. In Athens-Clarke County, where one in five people are food-insecure and the poverty rate is 34.4 percent—double the state, and triple the national, average—the campaign has traditionally focused on hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Through a rigorous vetting process as well as the direction of an advisory committee of community stakeholders, the campaign selected nine organizations to highlight throughout the season and receive funding when the program wraps in November 2019.

The following nonprofits were chosen as the 2019 Get Comfortable partners: Action Ministries, Advantage Behavioral Health, The Ark, Athens Community Council on Aging, Bigger Vision, Chess & Community, College Factory, Family Connection-Communities in Schools, and Mercy Health Center.


"Get Comfortable aims to align as many partners as possible to make the largest impact that we collectively can. Beyond the more than 40 local businesses participating in this year's campaign, we are profoundly honored to welcome a new partner this year in Russian River Brewing Company. Headquartered across the country in Sonoma County, they obviously operate beyond the borders of Athens-Clarke, but they are absolutely a part of our craft beer community,” said Director of Community & Culture, Matt Stevens.

"Given our desire to transition the Get Comfortable release into an annual collaboration, and specifically our aim to leverage this program to intersect with other craft breweries famous for their philanthropic work, Russian River was an obvious choice to inaugurate this new direction. Whether it’s their annual Framboise for a Cure release, past participation in Ales for ALS, or most recently, their rallying the craft beer world around the Sonoma Pride project in the wake of last year's California wildfires, they remain an industry leader both in the quality of their product and the reputation of their charity."


Get Comfortable 2019 will be a year-round campaign with a pronounced season of emphasis taking place February 6 through April 10, during which we will donate 100-percent of our Wednesday “community day” profits towards the Get Comfortable fund. In addition to the profits from the collaborative beer going towards the fund, we will also create Get Comfortable merchandise and work alongside local businesses to generate additional profits for the fund.

Get Comfortable 2019 will kick off February 6. Get Comfortable merchandise, as well as the Get Comfortable IPA, will be available at the brewery for the kickoff. For more information on Get Comfortable, visit

CCBC Gallery: The Head and the Art

Shannon Vinson

The Head and the Art

On view in the CCBC Gallery December 18, 2018–January 27, 2019

The Head and the Art was organized by Taylor Newman (PhD student in Foods and Nutrition) and Megan Prescott (PhD candidate in Microbiology), both at the University of Georgia. The exhibition was funded by a COMPASS Outreach Grant through the American Society for Cell Biology. It was originally displayed at the University of Georgia Science Library in late November. The statement below is from the exhibition organizers.

Both science and art seek truth and understanding through creativity, problem solving, innovation, and experimentation. Science makes the invisible visible. Art makes the unknowable knowable. Together, there is no limit to our ability to understand the world around us.

The Head and the Art is an interdisciplinary collaboration that pushes the limits for a better understanding of science and art. We paired 7 local scientists and artists for various science-inspired works. Our pieces cover topics ranging from forest entomology to mindfulness and psychology, using mediums equally across the board— metalsmithing, weavings, and even tattoo drawings. We also have pieces from 5 individual artist and scientist contributors, as well as work from local chemistry and art students. The goal is to appeal to those who do not usually engage with science through art that is both informative and interactive.

To quote Carl Sagan, “Not explaining science seems to me perverse. When you're in love, you want to tell the world.” We hope this exhibit inspires you to fall in love with science, and see that art and science aren’t so different after all.

Check The Head and the Art on Facebook and @designingscience on Instagram to see behind the scenes of The Head and the Art. For art purchase inquiries or general questions about the exhibition, please email Creature Comforts’ Get Artistic Program Lead at

Athens to Athens Grist to Grist

Chris Herron

Over the past four years we’ve been very fortunate to develop friendships with so many amazingly talented breweries, some of which we’ve had the opportunity to make collaborative beers with. We’re excited to announce our next collaboration, a beer we brewed with our friends at Jackie O’s Brewery – Athens to Athens Grist to Grist – will be released from our tasting room this January!

Athens to Athens Grist to Grist is a saison (6%) made with spelt sourced from Jackie O’s community in Ohio and wheat locally sourced from DaySpring Farms in Danielsville, GA. The saison base was split among wine barrels. Half the barrels inoculated with our house-mixed culture, and the other half with Jackie O’s house-mixed culture.

After a year of resting in barrels, we blended the saisons to bring together the flavors from the two house cultures. Jackie O’s signature lemon meringue flavor pairs perfectly with our stone fruit notes.

“By inoculating the barrels with each of our mixed-cultures separately, we were able to allow our house cultures to develop the flavors they would on their own and then blend the beer to create a unique voice together,” said Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager Blake Tyers. “I have such a huge respect for Brad and the work he’s done at Jackie O’s. I favored the Jackie O’s character in the blend to present something different than what we typically offer, and to present a distinct saison that is truly representative of the collaboration.”

Jackie O’s traveled to Athens, GA to brew the saison in February 2017. The beer is the second release in a collaboration series with Jackie O’s. The first of the series, a smoked barleywine aged in bourbon barrels and inspired by historic Adambier, was released under the same name from Jackie O’s tasting room in Athens, OH.

“This project was conceived two years ago through an innocent conversation about how we both brewed in towns named Athens,” said Jackie O’s Director of Brewing Operations Brad Clark. “A seemingly simple discourse led to a collaborative concept that pulls from a time, and most importantly a place. We brewed with each other at both breweries over the course of seven days! Time spent together in our respective place of being, led to some dynamic beers that transcended both environment and glass.”  

Our resident artist, Melissa Merrill, designed the label artwork. The artwork depicts an idyllic moment to enjoy the saison. Athens to Athens Grist to Grist will be available in 750mL bottles from our tasting room on January 11.

Get Artistic Wrap-Up

Chris Herron

As a company committed to helping others pursue their passion, we aim to leverage our brand and spaces to remove some of the barriers of working artists. Out of this aim, we created and launched our second community-oriented initiative, Get Artistic, in June 2018. The 2018 campaign wrapped-up on December 12 and we’re thrilled to announce we generated $16,815 to be distributed among six targeted grant opportunities in the local arts community.

The following were recipients from the funds generated throughout the 2018 campaign: the Athens Symphony Orchestra, ATHICA, Canopy Studios, Athens Rising Vol. 2, Town & Gown Players, and the Athens Area Arts Council.  

Madeline Bates, our Get Artistic lead, thanks the local community for their support of Get Artistic this year. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

Madeline Bates, our Get Artistic lead, thanks the local community for their support of Get Artistic this year. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

“We were incredibly excited to launch this program earlier this year,” said Matt Stevens, Creature Comforts’ Director of Community & Culture. “For one, it lands squarely in the center of our company’s purpose, which is to create enjoyable experiences, to inspire people to pursue their passions and to encourage people to care for their communities.

“Beyond that, recognizing the challenges of becoming a self-supporting artist today—and living in a city famous for its creative community—we simply wanted to launch a program to help remove some of the barriers. Under the leadership of our Get Artistic Lead, Madeline Bates, this initiative is up and running and making an impact already, and we are thrilled to intersect with such remarkable arts organizations.”

Madeline with the Town & Gown Players, one of the 6 recipients of the Get Artistic funds generated during 2018. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

Madeline with the Town & Gown Players, one of the 6 recipients of the Get Artistic funds generated during 2018. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

The mission of Get Artistic is to find creative ways to add value to the local arts community, beginning with six primary avenues of support: 1) leveraging the Get Artistic Lead staff member to curate exhibition and performance space onsite; 2) offering strategic grant proposals; 3) patronizing local artists: both as-is and commissioned works; 4) providing long-term patronage (e.g., artist residency programs); 5) creating onsite enrichment opportunities for the arts community; 6) supporting nonprofit and government-funded arts programming.

Matt Stevens, our Director of Community & Culture, thanks everyone for attending our Get Artistic wrap-up celebration. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

Matt Stevens, our Director of Community & Culture, thanks everyone for attending our Get Artistic wrap-up celebration. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

We raised the funds through the initial release of our Get Artistic beer and merchandise. Inspired by white wine, the classic drink of art gallery receptions everywhere, the Get Artistic beer is a tart wheat beer brewed with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice at 6% ABV.  

To learn more about Get Artistic and our other community impact programs, visit

Header photo: Madeline takes a photo with the Athens Symphony Orchestra, one of the 6 recipients of this year’s Get Artistic funds. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

Tritonia with Pineapple and Lemon

Shannon Vinson

We’re excited to announce we will release Tritonia with pineapple and lemon this December. The limited offering will be available on draft as well as in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans from our tasting room and throughout our distribution footprint in late December.

Tritonia is a tart and refreshing gose (4.5% ABV) with hints of coriander and sea salt. This new release features the fruit additions of pineapple and lemon. In addition to releasing two versions of our fruited Berliner Weisse Athena Paradiso each year, we will also release two versions of Tritonia, featuring different fruits, annually. Tritonia with cucumber and lime was previously released in May of this year.

“We’re excited to add another Tritonia version to the roster,” said Head Brewer David Stein. “The pineapple and lemon additions perfectly complement the base beer creating a tart, refreshing, and overall balanced experience.”

We hope you’ll join us for the release in our tasting room on December 21!  

The Buni is back!

Shannon Vinson

We're bringing back Koko Buni (6.5%), our winter limited release milk porter with toasted coconut, cocoa nibs, and coffee, this December. Koko Buni will be available on draft and in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans onsite in our tasting room as well as in our Georgia markets.

Koko Buni's flavors are rich and velvety – perfect for cooler days and evenings. As with all our offerings, a key characteristic of Koko Buni is balance in flavor. None of the flavors are overpowering or fatiguing on the palate.

We sourced the coffee and a portion of the cocoa nibs used in the beer locally. The coffee is an Ethiopian blend from 1000 Faces Coffee and the cocoa nibs are Ecuadorian from local bean-to-bar chocolatier, Condor Chocolates, and Haitian from Woodstock, IL-based Ethereal Confections. In addition, 1000 Faces will offer the coffee used in the milk porter as a limited-edition Koko Buni coffee blend.

Continuing in our effort to frequently work with local partners, we worked with Athens artist David Hale on the can design. The design won CNBC’s Battle of the Beer Labels competition in April 2016.

The coconut and Ethiopian coffee used in making the beer inspired its name. “Koko” translates to coconut in Papiamento, a language commonly used in the Caribbean. “Buni” is derived from the word for coffee in Amharic, the primary language found in Ethiopia.

Koko Buni will be available on draft and in cans onsite at the brewery beginning in mid-December and in the Athens and Atlanta markets shortly following the onsite release.

CCBC Gallery: Angie Jerez

Shannon Vinson

dibujos orgánicos. { hecho a mano }

organic drawings. { handmade }

A new series by Angie Jerez on view in the CCBC Gallery 11/6 to 12/16/2018 

Dibujos orgánicos: hecho a mano exhibits a new series of drawings and paintings inspired by geometric shapes in nature, particularly the fruits, vegetables, and plants found in Colombia. The series explores how growth, in seeds as in art, thrives in the equilibrium of structure and spontaneity. Handmade suggests a unique and imperfect creation, perceived as of superior quality.

Originally from Colombia, Angie Jerez is an Atlanta-based artist working in painting, drawing, graphic design, and murals. Find more of the artist’s work online: or @_angiejerez (Instagram)

Join us for the Meet the Artist: Angie Jerez event on Sunday, December 9 from 1 to 5pm! Visitors are invited to work alongside the artist, who will be painting two repurposed fruit barrels that will be used to collect rainwater at the brewery. Jerez will also be releasing a limited-edition print at the event.