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Creature Comforts Brewery Blog

Get Artistic Wrap-Up

Chris Herron

As a company committed to helping others pursue their passion, we aim to leverage our brand and spaces to remove some of the barriers of working artists. Out of this aim, we created and launched our second community-oriented initiative, Get Artistic, in June 2018. The 2018 campaign wrapped-up on December 12 and we’re thrilled to announce we generated $16,815 to be distributed among six targeted grant opportunities in the local arts community.

The following were recipients from the funds generated throughout the 2018 campaign: the Athens Symphony Orchestra, ATHICA, Canopy Studios, Athens Rising Vol. 2, Town & Gown Players, and the Athens Area Arts Council.  

 Madeline Bates, our Get Artistic lead, thanks the local community for their support of Get Artistic this year. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

Madeline Bates, our Get Artistic lead, thanks the local community for their support of Get Artistic this year. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

“We were incredibly excited to launch this program earlier this year,” said Matt Stevens, Creature Comforts’ Director of Community & Culture. “For one, it lands squarely in the center of our company’s purpose, which is to create enjoyable experiences, to inspire people to pursue their passions and to encourage people to care for their communities.

“Beyond that, recognizing the challenges of becoming a self-supporting artist today—and living in a city famous for its creative community—we simply wanted to launch a program to help remove some of the barriers. Under the leadership of our Get Artistic Lead, Madeline Bates, this initiative is up and running and making an impact already, and we are thrilled to intersect with such remarkable arts organizations.”

 Madeline with the Town & Gown Players, one of the 6 recipients of the Get Artistic funds generated during 2018. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

Madeline with the Town & Gown Players, one of the 6 recipients of the Get Artistic funds generated during 2018. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

The mission of Get Artistic is to find creative ways to add value to the local arts community, beginning with six primary avenues of support: 1) leveraging the Get Artistic Lead staff member to curate exhibition and performance space onsite; 2) offering strategic grant proposals; 3) patronizing local artists: both as-is and commissioned works; 4) providing long-term patronage (e.g., artist residency programs); 5) creating onsite enrichment opportunities for the arts community; 6) supporting nonprofit and government-funded arts programming.

 Matt Stevens, our Director of Community & Culture, thanks everyone for attending our Get Artistic wrap-up celebration. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

Matt Stevens, our Director of Community & Culture, thanks everyone for attending our Get Artistic wrap-up celebration. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

We raised the funds through the initial release of our Get Artistic beer and merchandise. Inspired by white wine, the classic drink of art gallery receptions everywhere, the Get Artistic beer is a tart wheat beer brewed with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice at 6% ABV.  

To learn more about Get Artistic and our other community impact programs, visit

Header photo: Madeline takes a photo with the Athens Symphony Orchestra, one of the 6 recipients of this year’s Get Artistic funds. Photo by Matt Hardy Photography.

Tritonia with Pineapple and Lemon

Shannon Vinson

We’re excited to announce we will release Tritonia with pineapple and lemon this December. The limited offering will be available on draft as well as in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans from our tasting room and throughout our distribution footprint in late December.

Tritonia is a tart and refreshing gose (4.5% ABV) with hints of coriander and sea salt. This new release features the fruit additions of pineapple and lemon. In addition to releasing two versions of our fruited Berliner Weisse Athena Paradiso each year, we will also release two versions of Tritonia, featuring different fruits, annually. Tritonia with cucumber and lime was previously released in May of this year.

“We’re excited to add another Tritonia version to the roster,” said Head Brewer David Stein. “The pineapple and lemon additions perfectly complement the base beer creating a tart, refreshing, and overall balanced experience.”

We hope you’ll join us for the release in our tasting room on December 21!  

The Buni is back!

Shannon Vinson

We're bringing back Koko Buni (6.5%), our winter limited release milk porter with toasted coconut, cocoa nibs, and coffee, this December. Koko Buni will be available on draft and in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans onsite in our tasting room as well as in our Georgia markets.

Koko Buni's flavors are rich and velvety – perfect for cooler days and evenings. As with all our offerings, a key characteristic of Koko Buni is balance in flavor. None of the flavors are overpowering or fatiguing on the palate.

We sourced the coffee and a portion of the cocoa nibs used in the beer locally. The coffee is an Ethiopian blend from 1000 Faces Coffee and the cocoa nibs are Ecuadorian from local bean-to-bar chocolatier, Condor Chocolates, and Haitian from Woodstock, IL-based Ethereal Confections. In addition, 1000 Faces will offer the coffee used in the milk porter as a limited-edition Koko Buni coffee blend.

Continuing in our effort to frequently work with local partners, we worked with Athens artist David Hale on the can design. The design won CNBC’s Battle of the Beer Labels competition in April 2016.

The coconut and Ethiopian coffee used in making the beer inspired its name. “Koko” translates to coconut in Papiamento, a language commonly used in the Caribbean. “Buni” is derived from the word for coffee in Amharic, the primary language found in Ethiopia.

Koko Buni will be available on draft and in cans onsite at the brewery beginning in mid-December and in the Athens and Atlanta markets shortly following the onsite release.

CCBC Gallery: Angie Jerez

Shannon Vinson

dibujos orgánicos. { hecho a mano }

organic drawings. { handmade }

A new series by Angie Jerez on view in the CCBC Gallery 11/6 to 12/16/2018 

Dibujos orgánicos: hecho a mano exhibits a new series of drawings and paintings inspired by geometric shapes in nature, particularly the fruits, vegetables, and plants found in Colombia. The series explores how growth, in seeds as in art, thrives in the equilibrium of structure and spontaneity. Handmade suggests a unique and imperfect creation, perceived as of superior quality.

Originally from Colombia, Angie Jerez is an Atlanta-based artist working in painting, drawing, graphic design, and murals. Find more of the artist’s work online: or @_angiejerez (Instagram)

Join us for the Meet the Artist: Angie Jerez event on Sunday, December 9 from 1 to 5pm! Visitors are invited to work alongside the artist, who will be painting two repurposed fruit barrels that will be used to collect rainwater at the brewery. Jerez will also be releasing a limited-edition print at the event.

Good Companies // Good Neighbors

Shannon Vinson

With the vision of being a good neighbor, we’ve always aspired to leverage our company to add value to every community in which we operate. This led to the creation of our flagship community impact program, the Get Comfortable campaign, in 2015.

This now-annual campaign has a mission to unify the business community to resource the agencies best equipped to address the community’s most pressing needs. We’re thrilled to share that the 2018 campaign wrapped this November, generating $290,121 for our six nonprofit partners.

In Athens-Clarke County, where one in five people is food-insecure and the poverty rate is 36-percent – nearly twice the state poverty rate of 18.4-percent – the campaign has historically focused on hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Through a rigorous vetting process as well as the direction of an advisory committee of community stakeholders, the campaign funded six organizations this year: Advantage Behavioral Health, The Athens Area Homeless Shelter, The Athens Community Council on Aging, The Ark, Mercy Health Center, and Chosen for Life Ministries.

"Good companies are good neighbors," says Matt Stevens, Creature Comforts' Director of Community & Culture. "They determine what the needs of their communities are, they position themselves to participate as strategically as possible, and they invite others to join them. I cannot possibly express how grateful I am for the generosity of our business partners, how meaningful this year's round of donations will be for Athens, not to mention the potential this campaign has to expand in the coming years. This is not just a Creature Comforts undertaking; we've simply pushed over the first domino. This initiative now belongs to us—to our community stakeholders and the local business community."

2018 served as the first year Get Comfortable operated as a year-round campaign, with a season of emphasis that ended in April. During this spring push, we donated 100-percent of our Wednesday “community day” profits to the Get Comfortable Fund, sold special campaign-related merchandise, and brought back our popular Get Comfortable IPA with all the profits going to the fund. Additionally, a diverse group of business partners stepped up to generate funds throughout the year for Get Comfortable, which included medical practices, musicians, bars, restaurants, and many more. In early 2018, we also launched a new website,, which encompasses all of our community initiatives. The website includes details and updates on Get Comfortable as well as Get Artistic, a campaign launched in June 2018 to serve the local arts community.

We celebrated the campaign wrap-up on November 14 in our tasting room alongside Get Comfortable’s nonprofit and for-profit partners. The 2019 campaign is set to launch February 6, 2019, stay tuned for more details! For more information on Get Comfortable, visit

We love this community and are so thankful to each business that stepped up to contribute to Get Comfortable and to our nonprofit partners for the incredible work they do in Athens!

CCBC Gallery: Creatures of the Night

Shannon Vinson

Creatures of the Night is a Halloween-inspired installation of creepy creature silhouettes drawn by local artists. Their designs were transferred to paper and pasted to the wall using a natural rice-based glue. Featured artists include Eli Saragoussi, Will Eskridge, Tex Crawford, James Greer, and Chris Taylor, who helped organize the exhibition. Check it out before the spooks disappear after Halloween night, October 31!

River Ridge Black & Fauxjolais

Shannon Vinson

We are excited to release our next limited offerings from its wood cellar, River Ridge Black and Fauxjolais, this Fall. The beers will be available in 750-mL bottles from the tasting room on October 13.

River Ridge Black is a fruited dark ale that aged in French oak for over a year with our house-mixed culture of yeast and bacteria. The beer then conditioned on top of organic black raspberries with black currants. River Ridge Black was bottle conditioned and has an ABV of 8%.

The limited release serves as a part of our Locally Grown Series (a series we use to showcase local ingredients) as we sourced the black raspberries used in the beer from a southeastern farm, River Ridge Organics.

“The team at River Ridge grow a special berry and we’re excited to be able to use their organic fruit in our beer,” said Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager Blake Tyers. “All of the fruits we use in the specialty program are from small family farms. We truly believe you can taste the attention to detail and love that comes from a family in their berries.”


Our appreciation of Old World wine and nuanced flavors inspired the crafting of the beer. Fauxjolais is a fruited blend of saisons from our wine barrel cellar and was made using the spent fruit used in River Ridge Black. The blend conditioned on top of second use organic black raspberries and black currants. The beer was bottle conditioned and has an ABV of 6.9%.

“The name of the beer is a play on words,” said Wood Cellar & Specialty Brand Manager Blake Tyers. “I enjoy drinking Beaujolais wines, which traditionally are very drinkable and have a bit of acid and funkiness. We were inspired to mimic some of those flavors using alternative fruit to grapes in Fauxjolais.”

Our staff member Melissa Merrill created the artwork used on the labels. Merrill painted the original artwork for River Ridge Black with a medium derived from the beer, wheatgrass, and coffee. The original artwork for Fauxjolais was painted with a medium derived from blackberries and ink.

We hope you join us for the release of these special, limited edition beers on Saturday, October 13th. We will also be making some available for pre-sale through Craft Cellr (see button below). For more details on that, please follow us on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Classic City Lager

Shannon Vinson

We’re excited to release Classic City Lager in cans for the first time this Fall! The beer is currently on draft and we’ll release 6-packs of 12oz cans from our tasting room and through the Athens market starting this October. The beer will be available in 6pks and 12pks of 12oz cans as a year-round offering throughout our distribution footprint beginning in November.

Classic City Lager is a clean, crisp, and easy-drinking lager with an ABV of 4.2%. The beer is brewed to be a highly drinkable lager that can serve as both an entry into craft beer for new consumers as well as a staple product in the fridge for those who love craft beer and sometimes want an uncomplicated, simple, and delicious lager. A nod to our home in Athens – the Classic City – we first introduced Classic City Lager as a local draft offering in September 2017 and it has since gained popularity in our tasting room as well as in the market.

“We aspire to help people navigate through the beautiful and complex world of craft beer,” said Co-founder and Head Brewer David Stein. “There are so many options to choose from and we wanted to make a beer that is perfect for those who enjoy drinking a lower ABV pale lager. Classic City Lager is simply good cold beer.”

In a continuous effort to work with local partners, we collaborated with Athens artist Chris Collins to design the typography for the Classic City Lager can label. Classic City Lager will be available from our tasting room beginning October 8 at our next Service Industry Night. Immediately following the onsite release, it will be available in the Athens market and will hit the Atlanta market by November.

Cheers to enjoying good cold beer!

CCBC Gallery: The Gift

Shannon Vinson

The Gift

On view Tuesday, September 4 to Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Gift features nearly fifty individual works of art from more than two dozen Athens and Atlanta area artists, organized with help from Athens-based Athulhu. Most of the show’s contributors are “Free Artists”—those who regularly leave their art in public spaces, a gift for whoever finds it. The show also features the work of four artists from Athens—Brown, Freeman, Kregel, McCracken—who don’t usually participate in the Free Art movement but were invited because they have an interest in public or communal art experiences. Many (but not all) of the works of art on view will be “dropped” in the Athens area after the exhibition closes, the weekend of October 19th - 21st. 

Though Free Art was started in Atlanta by the artist known as Evereman (featured in this show), it has been slower to catch on in Athens. There are roughly ten Athens-based artists who are known to regularly contribute Free Art—relatively few compared to the dozens who are active in Atlanta. The Gift strives to increase involvement while prompting renewed considerations of the cultural and societal value of art. 

Free Art is: 

·       Inclusive: anyone can join the fun! Becoming a Free Artist is as simple as creating and sharing a work of art. Many artists utilize social media to share their Free Art work and ask that the finders comment to “claim” the work online. 

·       Accessible: art is left (or “dropped”) in public spaces for anyone to collect and keep. Many artists use their art drops as an opportunity to encourage people to explore lesser traveled parts of their communities.  

·       A gift: artists contribute their time, materials, and creativity to share their work with the public; nothing is truly “free” about its production. Many artists prefer the term “Gift Art” to “Free Art”. 

Accelerated through social media over the last decade, the Free Art movement has been propagated in cities around the world. Much like social media itself, the Free Art Movement has become a vehicle by which thousands of artists and art lovers connect to one another on a global scale. Free Art is widely recognized as a sort of Instagram-enabled art treasure hunt, but the spirit of the artist’s gift that the art embodies runs deeper than the game element. 

The works of art on view are a mixture of Free Art and pieces that are exhibition only, meaning it will not be “dropped” in the Athens area after the show and may be for sale through the artist. This combination is intended to exhibit the idea that there is no distinction between “Free Art” and “sellable art” beyond the artists’ choice to donate it to their community. Only through conscious, continued effort can the spirit of the artist’s gift survive in any artform. Consider this an invitation. 

Athens Free Artists

@athulhu • @cricketbancroft • @mild_pain • @sadbot_ath • @brothermoonman • @saintblondie • @tex_s_crawford • @TheBoyWhoSeesYellow • @thefusemuse 

Additional Invited Athens Artists

Jared Brown • Lisa Freeman • Lou Kregel • Courtney McCracken

Atlanta Free Artists

@70dot • @bearcakestudios • @chwdog • @citysquatch • @evereman • @fisbn @intelligent_bean • @mingnpanda • @nat.hugs.cats • @sadstove • @scooterbeth @sQuishiepuss • @vileATL • @thesnarkypeacock

Mark your calendars for The Gift’s closing reception, which will feature Free Art activity stations with artists such as Evereman, Athulhu, sQuishiepuss, and many more! Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 7-10pm. Check our social media channels for details soon.

Common Things

Shannon Vinson

Common Things is a mixed-culture saison made with honey from local bees. The beer is 6.2% ABV and features Styrian Golding and aged Cascade hops. It was fermented in stainless steel before being packaged and refermented in 750mL bottles.

Read More

Automatic 2018

Chris Herron

Our seasonal pale ale, Automatic, is returning this August. The beer is currently available on draft and will be available in 6-packs of 12oz cans from our tasting room and in the Athens and Atlanta markets.

Automatic is a modern pale ale (5.5%) that features a prominent hop flavor and aroma. A mix of Mosaic and Crystal hops are used to create a delicate balance and give the beer an aroma that features a complex array of berry, citrus, herbal, and pine notes. The flavor mirrors the aroma with a bit more earthiness and stone fruit, leading to a nicely balanced and moderately bitter finish. 

“Automatic is meant to be light, refreshing and quite drinkable without falling into the common pitfall of ending up too thin, watery or insipid,” said Brewmaster Adam Beauchamp. “No color malts were used, however, the relatively full mouthfeel is enough to support this heavily hopped beer.”

We collaborated with local Athens painter, Michelle Fontaine, on the can design. The artwork was inspired by 1950s American popular culture as well as the origin of our facility – a former 1940s Chevy dealership, and later the Snow Tire Company.

The seasonal release will be available onsite at the brewery mid-August as well as in the Athens and Atlanta markets shortly following the onsite release.

CCBC Gallery: David Hale

Shannon Vinson

Vessel: An exhibition of paintings and prints by David Hale
On view in the CCBC Gallery Tuesday, June 19 through Sunday, July 29, 2018

Reception: Thursday, June 28, 2018, 6 to 9pm
Meet the Artist (ft. a hands-on workshop*): Thursday, July 19, 2018

David Hale is a Georgia-born, Athens-based artist working under his studio name, Love Hawk. Though he is best known for his deeply spiritual tattooing practice, Hale has shifted his focus to painting and printmaking over the last year. The paintings on view are all new, most created between April and June 2018. Each of the prints are part of very small editions (fewer than seven), but each features unique, hand-drawn elements or custom colors. All frames and mounts were handmade by the artist. The artwork will be for sale exclusively through Creature Comforts’ online merchandise shop, with 10% of total proceeds to benefit Creature Comforts’ new community outreach nonprofit fund, Get Artistic. 

Learn more about David Hale’s artwork online:

From the artist:

: vessel :
every seed
came from
a seed
every life
came from
a life

This body of work came out of a great emptying and a great replenishment. I believe we and all of Creation are inherently vessels, and this body of work is a testament to that nature. There exists no greater calling than to be a container; to properly fulfill this role one must be willing to be hollow in order to be full. My role in these pieces of art was just as a vessel for their creation, and they are vessels within themselves. One act of creation is a reflection of all of Creation. It is no coincidence that so much that is seen here is somewhere between: plant, animal, human, and Spirit; here between these worlds is where we remember that we are not just bystanders to Creation but actually woven into and throughout this ever-present and infinite tapestry that is Existence. I hope this work of my hands and Heart is a reminder that life came from Life, as light from Light, and this Cycle is unending. I am ever-grateful to be a vessel.  –David Hale

Grand Opening of Southern Mill

Shannon Vinson

We are so excited to have been able to celebrate the grand opening of our new production facility, Creature Comforts at Southern Mill, on June 11 with a ribbon cutting joined by Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission.

We originally announced our expansion plans back in January 2017. We broke ground in May 2017 and began initial production at the facility in March 2018. In order to maintain a close distance to our downtown location, and with the assistance and cooperation of the Athens-Clarke County government, we selected the historic Southern Mill complex off North Chase Street to house the second facility.


Originally built in 1900, the mill is currently being redeveloped into a mixed-use development. As a brewery and local business, we were committed to preserving as much of the character of the building as possible during the reconstruction, similar to our downtown Snow Tire Tasting Room and brewery location. We are humbled to be the recipient of a 2018 Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation Award in the category of Adaptive Reuse and worked with local companies, Studio BNA Architects and Grahl Construction on the Southern Mill facility.

“We never expected that two years into opening our doors we would have a need to start working on building a new brewery,” says our CEO Chris Herron. “However, two years later we are extremely grateful to have it come online as our existing brewery had been operating at maximum capacity for fifteen months. We are excited to have the opportunity to both increase the quality and the quantity of our beer, to create jobs, and to reinvest right here in Athens.” 


We've invested $11 million into the 40,000-square-foot historic building at Southern Mill, which houses new state-of-the-art equipment including a fully automated dual 85-barrel brewhouse from German manufacturer Steinecker, a 24-head rotary filler for canning manufactured by Krones, and 50,000 barrels worth of initial annual fermentation capacity. As we continue our commitment to quality, we've also invested nearly a quarter of a million dollars into a quality laboratory onsite.

The initial focus of our new brewery is on production with plans for a tasting room in the future. The technology of the equipment has greatly increased the efficiency of our production and packaging. The canning line averages 185 cans packaged per minute, in comparison to 40 cans per minute the brewery packages with its canning line in the Snow Tire facility. At the new production brewery, a 340-barrel batch of our year-round IPA, Tropicália, is brewed in 16-17 hours, while at the downtown location a 120-barrel batch of Tropicália is brewed in 20 hours. With the increased capacity and efficiency of the equipment, we expect to make a significant increase on our presence in our current distribution footprint.  

“The new facility we’ve built here at Southern Mill gives us the ultimate control to precisely make high quality beer exactly the way we want, with better shelf stability and with much greater efficiency,” says Brewmaster Adam Beauchamp. “Every system has been upgraded from water treatment to boilers all the way through to packaging.  Sustainability was a big focus for us as we went through equipment selection and plant design. All in all, we believe the brewery we’ve built will allow us to provide our consumers with a product that they will consistently be happy with.”


To Calculate Infinity

Shannon Vinson

Griffin Hans and Zach Schroeder are two of our brewers here at Creature Comforts. They both joined our Creature family in February 2016. In June 2016 Griffin and Zach collaborated to brew one of our small batch innovation beers, Calculating Infinity, a crushable pale ale made with Pacifica, Wakatu, and Palisade hops. We’re excited to announce we’ll have the beer back in our tasting room on May 25th on draft and available in cans! In honor of Calculating Infinity’s return, we asked Griffin and Zach a few questions about the brew and the inspiration behind it.

Where did the inspiration for this brew come from? 

This was the first time Griffin and I were given the task of creating a beer.  Our tastes in both music and beer overlap a fair bit. - ZS

Why did you choose a pale ale as the style? 

We were asked to come up with a pale ale recipe, but that was the only parameter.  Our interpretation of that reflects our tastes. We both like beer that is balanced and finishes fairly dry. - GH

Why did you choose to name the beer Calculating Infinity? 

This is the title of the debut album by the Dillinger Escape Plan, a band we both enjoy. We saw them in Atlanta on their final tour and had a blast. Their music is fun and light-hearted, but technically proficient. We appreciate these characteristics in both music and beer. - ZS

What was the collaboration process like for you both?

The collaboration process was pretty simple. We knew we wanted to make something fairly low-gravity with enough malt character to prop up the hops. I (Zach) love floral hops and wanted to incorporate some floral elements in this beer. Griffin wanted to incorporate some citrus flavors. So, we each chose a hop variety that we thought would work well in the beer, and then chose one together. Griffin picked Pacifica, I chose Palisade, and we chose Wakatu to tie the hop profile together. I think this creates orange blossom notes. Since we wanted it to finish fairly dry, it's a bit reminiscent of a floral mimosa. - ZS

I think Zach and I look for a lot of the same things in beers we enjoy, and the important thing was to make a beer that both of us would want to drink. We wanted to make something sessionable and it was spring time when we were going to make it, so we both landed on the idea of making something floral and fruity with a little bit of honey character. We also made it a point to branch out and use some different ingredients than we normally use. That's kind of where the honey malt and red wheat came from, and all three hops had never been used at CCBC before. We threw a lot of ideas and ingredients back and forth, but we settled on things that had complementary flavor profiles to create a beer that we'd both enjoy. I don't think the beer is really representative of the music, but that's a band we both like and grew up listening to, and the beer has a lot of what we look for in a crushable, spring beer so I guess overall it represents us pretty well. I'm just glad that we got the opportunity to make it again. - GH

Grab your 4pk 16oz cans this Friday (5/25) at 3PM and maybe listen to some Dillinger Escape Plan on your way to the brewery! 

Tritonia with Cucumber & Lime

Shannon Vinson

Tritonia is returning to our tasting room and in the market this May!

Tritonia is our tart and refreshing gose (4.5%) with hints of coriander and sea salt. This release also features the addition of cucumber and lime. The tartness of the base beer and addition of the lime is perfectly balanced by the cool freshness of cucumber.

With our recent increase in capacity, we have the ability to brew more Tritonia than ever before! The limited release is currently available on draft and will be available in 6-packs of 12oz cans from our tasting room the week of May 21. You’ll be able to find Tritonia in the Athens and Atlanta markets shortly after the onsite release. The exact date of the onsite release is TBD - we'll send out more details when we have them!

CCBC Gallery: The Velvet Ditch

Shannon Vinson

The Velvet Ditch

Photography by Lucy Bone

On view in the CCBC Gallery May 1 to June 17, 2018

Lucy Bone is a photographer from Columbus, GA. The weight of history holds an important place in Bone’s work, evident in her specialization in the antiquated medium of film and thematic influences from her life in the South. Bone’s work revels in symbolic color and reflective spaces that retain universal yet intensely personal experiences. She holds a BFA in Photography from the University of Georgia, and now resides and works in Athens.

All nine works of art on view are archival inkjet prints shot with Mamiya 7ii using 120mm Portra 400 film. View images from this series and more on the artist’s website:

Artist Statement on The Velvet Ditch:

A while ago my twin sister asked me if I was aware of the Velvet Ditch. She told me, it’s a comfortable place that is hard to crawl out of.

This stemmed from a conversation she, and a lot of people around me, have been having lately about educational, emotional, and literal growth in this period of my life neither on my own nor completely with someone else. These photographs center on memories and projections that reoccur in this time of limbo. They point towards the comfortable southern culture that I have become accustomed to, and now the reluctant need to grow out of it. The photographs depict pressures of job offers, mixed with childhood memories of pecan gatherings, and quiet moments of living alone for the first time in my life.

While trying to come to terms with needing to crawl out of this ditch I cannot help but recall the dichotomy present in the Greek myth of Arcadia, a wilderness home where imperfection is a requirement for bliss. This work brings up a similar tension - how stress, worry, and discomfort are required for the existence of accomplishment. Themes of growth pervade the series, embodied as images of job security and friends who have been blessed with it, tomato plants I see myself in, and others who find themselves in my situation.

Also saturating these images is the color green. The color of landscapes and kudzu and the other lush foliage so common in my childhood, but also the color of jealousy. Jealousy of how everyone makes growing up seem effortless, and jealousy of all who have followed the rabbits through the hole in the brush and escaped the ditch quickly and quietly. But prosperity also finds itself inside my green. The prosperity of my community, uplifting and encouraging, help me lift my head up just high enough so I can see the road that lies on the other side of the ditch.

This work belongs to worry, to phone conversations about finances, being scared of

noises in the shower, endless rewriting of cover letters and job applications, but also to a higher idea of achievement, the color green, and the Velvet Ditch that I’m lucky to have in the first place.

The works on view are archival inkjet prints shot with Mamiya 7ii using 120mm Portra 400 film. All nine prints are for sale through Creature Comforts’ online merchandise shop through Sunday, June 17, 2018. Frames are included in the prices below.

18x22” (horizontal): $250

16x20” (vertical): $175

Prints are available in varying sizes ($25–65) directly through the artist. Please email and your inquiry will be directed to the artist.

10% of all CCBC Gallery sales go toward Get Artistic, Creature Comforts’ emerging nonprofit fund to support Georgia-based artists in any creative field (music, writing, dance, and more). Learn more at:

Four Year Anniversary

Shannon Vinson

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Four-Year Anniversary! We enjoyed a fantastic weekend of sharing special beers, enjoying live music, and incredible food. We appreciate all who helped us celebrate four amazing years of being a part of the Athens and craft beer communities. We also want to say a special thanks to Manila Express, 1000 Faces, Velveteen Pink, Oak House, The Artisanals, The Hernies, Cougar Sweat, Rose Hotel, Little Gold, Blue Yonder, and The Shoal Creek Stranglers for making the weekend even more special by providing live music, great food, and sweet treats.

Check out photos from the weekend below!

Creature Comforts Events at CBC

Shannon Vinson

We are getting excited for a great week at CBC 2018! If you'll be attending CBC this year, we'd love for you to join us at our events we're hosting in Nashville throughout the week. See below for the full schedule of events. Hope to see you there. 

  • April 30 - May 6: Menu & beer pairings featured at Butcher & Bee
  • April 30 - May 6: Mignonettes & oyster pairings featured at Rudie's Seafood & Sausage
  • April 30 - May 6: Oyster, beer, & menu pairings featured at Henrietta Red
  • April 30 - May 6: Creature Comforts beer featured at Woodland Wine Merchant
  • May 2 (7PM): The K+K All-Nighter at Kuchnia + Keller featuring guest taps from Creature Comforts, Brasserie de la Senne, Southern Grist, and Wrecking Bar Brewpub and collaborative menu pairings from Staplehouse's Chef Ryan Smith, Kuchnia & Keller's Chef Aaron Clemins, and Wrecking Bar Brewpub's Chef Terry Koval. 
  • May 2 (6PM): Rare cask tapping at Rudie's Seafood & Sausage.
  • May 3: No Kid Hungry Event featuring beer from Creature Comforts and Bearded Iris. $1 from every glass will go towards charity.  

Other events we are participating in:

  • May 1 (7-10PM): Here We Grow hosted by YCH HOPS, SBG & Country Malt Group featuring hop & barley growers from family owned farms, live entertainment, & 9+  specialty beers from craft brewers at The Cannery. 
  • May 1 (6-10PM): CANdemonium a night of canned beers, music, & fun at Marathon Music Works.
  • May 2 (9PM): Mad Tree & Creature Comforts CBC After Party at Bar Sovereign - kick back with DJ Majik & try some special beer cocktails. Beers from both breweries will be available.
  • May 2 (6PM): Craft, Culture, and Survival - our CEO Chris Herron & Business Development Director Seth Herman will participate in a panel alongside representatives from Mill Creek Brewing & Rhinegeist, which will be followed by a tap takeover at Paradise Park where the event will take place.
  • May 2 (5-8PM): Funkin' Up Nashville - a funky/sour evening with NOLA, Creature Comforts, J Wakefield, New Belgium, and Hi Wire. Each brewery is showcasing 3 unique beers at Broadway Brewhouse's Midtown location.
  • May 2 (4-8PM): Wiseacre's Lager Party at Von Elrod's.   

The Broadside Exhibition Project: verse 1

Shannon Vinson

The Broadside Exhibition Project: verse 1
On view in the CCBC Gallery through April 1, 2018

The Broadside Exhibition Project: verse 1 is the first in a new annual exhibition series that pairs local poets and artists to create original illustrated poems. Created through these collaborations, the fifteen broadsides that comprise verse 1 represent the creative diversity of our community. One part gallery show, one part public art project, verse 1 originals will be displayed in the CCBC Gallery, while poster-sized reproductions will be installed around Athens and on display through April 1, 2018. The series will subsequently be transferred to Hendershot’s and on exhibition until the end of April.
Out of the dozens of Athens- and Atlanta-based applicants, Creature Comforts selected 15 artists and 15 writers to collaborate on the broadsides (one per pair). The pairings were blind, meaning the artists and writers did not know whom they would be partnered with, and most partners did not know each other previously. The fundamental intention of this project is to promote communication and connectivity within our community by prompting creative strangers to work together.
Collaborating poets (left) and artists (right):
•    Jessica Magnarella and Meredith Elder
•    Claire Cronin and Hannah Burton
•    Don Ellington and Lois Songster
•    Frank Montesonti and Chris Taylor
•    Hayley Brooks and Hannah Betzel
•    Jacob Porter and Adam Toksoz
•    Jake Syersak and Katie McCullough
•    Jessica Kirby and Anna Lee Shultz
•    Carly Landa and Rebecca Atkins
•    Marcus Keith and Gunnar Tarsa
•    Morgan Lawrence and Melissa Harshman
•    Ray Lee and Caroline Potterf
•    Sam Sutlive and Phillip McClure
•    Thomas Loudermilk and Jeanne Whatley
•    Thomas May and Ruth Allen
The original works of art will be for sale through Creature Comforts’ online merchandise shop. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring local art into your home or the home of a loved one!
Prints for sale online via Pixel & Ink Studio:
    Athens Art Prints is a program by Pixel & Ink Studio to make high-quality artwork reproduction services more accessible to local artists.


Call for Artists: EARTH Party!

Meredith Elder

Call for Artists: EARTH Party! 

Open through Friday, March 30, 2018 

Pop-up show on view at CCBC Sunday, April 15, 2018 


Since April 2015, in honor of Earth Month—which encompasses Earth Day on 4/22—Creature Comforts has hosted events and art exhibitions to celebrate our planet. Our hope is that, in the same way art can inspire us to feel, think, and respond in ways that better ourselves, these events will perhaps remind our visitors of the responsibility we share as caretakers of the environment. The Earth has been good to us. Let's be good to it. 

This year, we’re doing something a little different. In partnership with the University of Georgia’s Office of Sustainability, Creature Comforts is proud to present EARTH Party on Sunday, April 15, 2018 (1–6pm). The event will incorporate a one-day-only pop-up show of artwork celebrating our incredible world at Creature Comforts’ downtown taproom. This pop-up show will be curated by the Office of Sustainability’s current Artist-in-Residence, Kira Hegeman, and Madeline Bates, Creature Comforts’ in-house curator. 


Submission guidelines and things to know: 

  • Only artwork promoting world peace, respect for the planet, and environmental sustainability will be considered 

  • Accepted visual art mediums: drawing, painting, prints, photography, sculpture, textile, mixed media, etc. 

  • The accepted artwork will be displayed outdoors under a tent (either hung on a temporary display or on a designated table, if the work is sculptural) 


To be eligible to apply: 

  • You must have the availability and transportation to get your artwork to Creature Comforts’ downtown taproom between Wednesday, April 11 and Friday, April 13, with no exceptions. Artists must also take their work home with them by Monday, April 16. 

  • Your artwork must be ready to display: mounted in a frame or a comparable device with wire strung across the back. If your work is a sculpture, it must have the stability to rest on a designated table without additional support. Artwork that is not in ready-to-display condition will not be accepted. 


If you are eligible and interested in participating, please apply through the link below by Friday, March 30, 2018. Late entries will not be accepted. Notices will be sent out by Wednesday, April 4, 2018.  


Apply here by March 30, 2018! 


In need of a little environmental art inspiration? Check out two of the past Earth Month exhibitions in the CCBC Gallery! 

  April 2017 : Wheat-pasted print installation by Jen Holt (silver photograms, scanned and printed) and Madeline Bates (cyanotypes, scanned and printed), exploring the life cycle of the fundamental ingredients in beer. 

April 2017: Wheat-pasted print installation by Jen Holt (silver photograms, scanned and printed) and Madeline Bates (cyanotypes, scanned and printed), exploring the life cycle of the fundamental ingredients in beer. 

 April 2016: Installation by the A4P (Air Purifying Plan Proliferation Project, a student-run organization of the University of Georgia; plant stand and paper sculpture) and photographer Rinne Allen (cyanotypes and van Dyke brown prints). 

April 2016: Installation by the A4P (Air Purifying Plan Proliferation Project, a student-run organization of the University of Georgia; plant stand and paper sculpture) and photographer Rinne Allen (cyanotypes and van Dyke brown prints).