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271 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, GA, 30601
United States

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The Tree That Owns Itself


The Tree That Owns Itself

Shannon Vinson


The Tree That Owns Itself is a bourbon barrel-aged barleywine (12.5%). "The Tree That Owns Itself" is an admired landmark in our community of Athens, Ga. The story goes that the tree's owner, desiring to protect it, deeded ownership of the tree and surrounding land to itself. In honor of the local legend dating back to the 1800s, we brewed this barleywine, which aged more than 2 years in bourbon barrels. Now that the beer has life beyond our care, we hope you will enjoy the malty, rich, and decadent complexity this beer grew into in extended maturation.

Barleywines are a tough style to crack, but when you have a great one they can be a sublime expression of malt flavors. Fruity, rich, decadent complexity is what you want out of a barleywine, and we set out to reach that using a traditional English barley base, all English ingredients, a long boil, and extended maturation in select, small batch bourbon barrels for over 26 months.

12.5% ABV