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A New Series: Subtle Alchemy


A New Series: Subtle Alchemy

Shannon Vinson

Subtle Alchemy is a series of continuously evolving expressions from our wood cellar. Each blend is unique in its parts and singular in the moment in time it is created. The flavors expressed will follow the ebbs and flows of our barrel program. We created Subtle Alchemy because we think there are magical possibilities with blending. Our other wood cellar releases are blended, but they are blended from a common thread. Subtle Alchemy gives us a voice to let us take completely unrelated works, and develop harmonious complexity. We are starting with three blends, but the future is endless.

This is a brief look at each one of the offerings that have been bottled so far. We have some short notes, but we hope that guests will take it upon themselves to develop their own ideas about each of these special blends. Blend 001 will be available at the second session of The Shelton Brothers The Festival and we will be releasing more information on their availability in our Tasting Room soon, so stay tuned!

Blend 001 – bottled 1/10/17

Three separate French oak fermented saisons aged 10-14 months. Deep wood, must, earth, lemon zest, tart.

Blend 002 – bottled 1/13/17

This blend is an exploration of American oak, an uncommon voice in our mixed fermentation wood cellar. Two of the three threads in this blend, the oldest being DaySpring aged on second-use Balaton cherries for 22 months, are aged in American oak giving it a more creamy and vanilla tone than many of our French oak aged beers. Light cherry fruit, vanilla, creamy, tart.

CCBC_SubtleAlchemy 064.JPG

Blend 003 – bottled 1/31/17

There are many pieces to blend number 3. The overall theme is an expression of hops and citrus through time and mixed fermentation. Zest from lemons and oranges, multiple independent dry hops, and very small amounts of apricots bring this blend to life. Ranging in age from 12-24 months this blend has brightness and depth. Citrus, overripe fruit, stone fruit, tart.