271 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, Georgia — 30601




271 W Hancock Ave
Athens, GA, 30601

Brewery Hours: 
Tuesday - Thursday 5-9pm  
Friday 5-10pm
Saturday 1-6pm
Sunday: 1-6pm


Summer Lager


Summer Lager

Shannon Vinson


Appearance: Bright gold with white foam
Smell: Citrus and sweet fruit; light cracker
Taste: Light graham cracker malt leads herbal and fruity hop character in a well balanced package.
Hightlights: Lemon & lime zest | herbal | floral | orange pith| peach pit | kiwi | melon
Mouthfeel: Crisp edge with medium body and medium bitterness

Distro: None; onsite only
Packaging: Draft only

6.0% ABV