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271 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, GA, 30601
United States

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Shannon Vinson

About the beer:

“We took a new approach in designing this beer,” says our Co-Founder and CEO Chris Herron. “Rather than looking to industry trends for what to brew next, we developed a beer with the chef in mind. Epicurious is a beer that a chef will want to drink and serve with their food, whether at their restaurant or at home cooking with friends and family.”

In order to meet the challenge, we sought insight from a number of the top chefs in Athens and Atlanta to gather feedback throughout the process of bringing the beer to market. The result is a beer that does not fit into any existing style classifications. It is simply a beer that best complements drinking with food and friends.

Ryan Smith, Executive Chef of Atlanta’s Staplehouse and Peter Dale, Executive Chef and Owner of Athens’ The National, were two of the top local and regional chefs that we partnered with to provide the brewers with perspective on the beer.

“I love the approach Creature Comforts has created with this beer. The idea of a food-focused table beer is incredibly attractive to a chef,” said Smith. “It’s an incredibly versatile beer that will work with a wide variety of food. It has a little salinity, and slight pepper note, which again makes it so approachable.”

“When I drink Epicurious I imagine myself at an all-day, family-style gathering with a big spread of food,” said Dale. “Relaxed, casual, communal and in the moment.”

Epicurious is refreshing, versatile and approachable. It is highly carbonated with an invigorating minerality to help cleanse the palate in between bites of food. The beer has an ABV of 4.2%, which also contributes to the beer’s food-friendly nature. Epicurious’ earthy, floral and soft citrus hop character is balanced by complex yeast flavors and subtle bitterness on the finish. The rustic grains and flaked oats used in the beer lend to a nice grain flavor and firm mouthfeel.

In a continued effort to support local artists, we worked with Athens artist and bartender at The National, Bryn Rouse to design the can artwork. The artwork depicts culinary themes, representative of Epicurious’ harmonious qualities.

**We will be offering some special Epicurious glassware for a limited time in the Tasting Room while supplies last! Grab your 4pk with a complimentary Epicurious glass today!