271 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, Georgia — 30601




271 W Hancock Ave
Athens, GA, 30601

Brewery Hours: 
Tuesday - Thursday 5-9pm  
Friday 5-10pm
Saturday 1-6pm
Sunday: 1-6pm





Shannon Vinson

India Pale Ale

Tasting Notes:

Straw Gold | Honeydew | Pineapple | Orange | Dandelion Greens

The Takaway:

This is an intensely hopped IPA that has a beautiful roundness and complex presentation fruity hop flavor. It truly seems like every sip you can discover a new flavor and with just the right amount of bitterness, it makes the beer a pleasure to drink. Originally the beer was a pursuit in exploring a new German hop, Grüngeist, and venturing into the world of very high hopping rates. We brought it back almost a year later because it is a fan and staff favorite that was consistently requested in our tasting room. With tons of honeydew, pineapple, and citrus, Crescendo is an IPA that turns it up a notch!

 7.2% ABV.