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271 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, GA, 30601
United States

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See the Stars


See the Stars

Chris Herron

Russian Imperial Stout aged for 1 year in maple bourbon barrels

See the Stars is one of the Creature Comforts crew’s first barrel projects, beginning shortly after brewing operations commenced in April 2014. After the brewery obtained several Willett bourbon barrels, a handful were sent to Mac’s Maple, a family-owned and operated maple syrup farm in New Hampshire. These barrels were filled with 100% pure wood fired maple syrup and allowed to sit for four months. They were then drained and sent back to Creature Comforts where they were filled with a Russian Imperial Stout. The stout was aged for over a year, settling into a finely balanced, multi-layered offering. The name comes from the famous Ralph Waldo Emmerson quote, "When it is darkest, men can see the stars."


10.9% ABV.