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Athens, Georgia — 30601




271 W Hancock Ave
Athens, GA, 30601

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Barrel Aged Cold Brew Reclaimed Rye


Barrel Aged Cold Brew Reclaimed Rye

Chris Herron

Rye Amber aged on French Oak with Barrel Aged Cold Brew Coffee

For this week's Curious Tuesday we have made a new take on an old favorite.  We had our friend over at 1000 Faces Coffee brew us some fresh cold brew (the beans are from Brazil) and let it age in a rye whisky barrel.  We then treated some fresh Reclaimed Rye with the barrel aged cold brew to give you a new take on our coffee treated Reclaimed Rye.  The result is a subtle coffee flavor and aroma, and delightful oakiness that we think is perfect for this rainy day.  Come by and let us know what you think.  


Draft & On-site Samples only. 5.5% ABV.