271 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, Georgia — 30601




271 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, GA, 30601
United States

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Monday: Closed
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Cellarman's Pils


Cellarman's Pils

Chris Herron


We see cellarmen are the unsung heroes of the brewing process.  They clean and sanitize tanks, which is hugely important for the taste and flavor of beer, they keep the yeast (the tiny organisms that make wort into beer) happy and healthy, and have a huge respect for the equipment of the brewery and the brewing process.  They work hard and their days are long.  And here at CCBC, they are all-stars!  Which is why for this Curious Tuesday, we have made a beer that was formulated by our cellarmen -- Cellarmen's Pils.  It's our pilsner with coffee from the local roastery 1000 Faces added. For this version we use a blend of Guji Jet and Misty Valley coffee to complement and accentuate the floral and citrus flavors in Bibo. Herbal, tea, and light coffee roast on the nose. Cellarman's drinks with a tea-like citrus and finishes dry, a slight roast coffee lingers on the palate. 

4.9% ABV