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271 West Hancock Avenue
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Blake Tyers


Farmhouse ales are a wonderful umbrella of beers steeped rich in tradition and made by hard workers in the present day province of Hainaut, Belgium. Under this umbrella you will find the saison, biere de garde, as well as the lesser-known grisette. We drew inspiration from the Belgians for our latest limited release bottle, DaySpring, to create our interpretation of a grisette.

As the landscape of Hainaut province began to shift from an agricultural to a coal and stone mining region in the late 1800’s, local brewers began to market a beer to the growing population of miners. As saison was considered the drink of farm workers, grisette was the brew of the miners. The origins of the name are sketchy (gris means gray in French). Grisette is commonly said to refer to young women who worked in factories and wore a distinctive gray frock as a uniform. As one story goes, these young women, grisettes, would hold trays of ale to refresh the workers as the exited the mines. The term has also been attributed to the color of the prophyritic stone mined in the area of northern Hainaut province.
— Farmhouse Ales by Phil Markowski

Keeping the farmhouse spirit alive we went to our friends at DaySpring Farms in Danielsville, GA. We sourced local wheat from their fields to showcase in this beer with a blend of traditional yeasts from Belgium. This is the first beer in our Locally Grown series. We hope to continue working with farmers in the local area surrounding our brewery to source ingredients that make our beers truly unique, showcasing our local landscape of flavor and agriculture. 

So how does a grisette differ from a saison? Our interpretation was that saisons had a bit of lactic quality, where as the grisette is an earthy beer with some hop character. For us, DaySpring is all about showcasing the wheat and yeasts. With a blend of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces the beer is extremely dry, has a bit of a blue cheese note on the nose, and a lovely body with a soft wheat character that finishes clean. This beer is 4.8% alcohol by volume and is a beautiful compliment to the dinner table. We hope you enjoy a beer we are truly proud of. From the farm to the brewery to you, enjoy DaySpring.


One Keg. 4.8%ABV